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hello! i'm still new to this site so i hope i'm doing this right haha...

My first review ! I received this Bakugou figure around two weeks ago and finally decided to post about it. (I also received his prize B figure, but that's sitting in it's box until the matching Deku comes in)

Let's get right into it???

First - the box.

Nice photos, a little big.

Opening it up, I faced the first problem.


Immediately after unwrapping him, his top half slid completely off. I've since then just glued him back together, but still! The other two from this set werent loose like that at all. I wonder if it's a recurring thing with this figure, or maybe I just got a bad one?

Now, injuries aside, I'll get to the proper figure now !


Here he is! My first proper Bakugou figure.

He came with a little foot stand (shown below) but he can stand perfectly without it.


I really love all his little details


Though, there were a few other major issues. Namely, his teeth.

They are MUCH more noticably grey in person, and almost look.. rough? I wonder if Bakugou was eating charcoal in attempt to fuel up his quirk XD

I don't really mind it TOO much, but again I wonder: were they all like this, or was mine just extra bad?

Another issue is his belt, where the two pieces of the figure connect. There is a minor gap (shown below)


When I glued him back together, I had to use quite a bit of pressure to make sure he dried correctly, so the gap wouldnt show. It's mostly fixed now, but still something to keep in mind.

Another thing I enjoy is how tiny his waist is, though it does come in exchange for his backside (Flat. Pretty much nonexistent xd)

All in all, I like him! Obviously you can't expect too much with figures like this, so I still love all his imperfections. And I feel like they did a great job capturing him! I find a lot of figures can never really get his expressions just right, but this was great!

Thanks for reading! Hope I did well haha
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Very nice figure and review! Imo I often find that a lot of Bakugo figures look a bit off, but this is definitely one of the better ones!
I ran into the same color issue for his face with my figure ITEM #909419 but it was the eyes not teeth. They're really dark, almost as gray as the parts of his bracers... But still a figure I enjoy!
10 dias atrás
lmao I love that you mentioned his flat ass. This is such a common problem for (male) figures in this series and I was having a good laugh at the Midoriya figure for this set not too long ago for this exact reason. Poor boys don't have have glutes to support all the legwork they do.
10 dias atrás
Nice! He looks pretty good for a prize figure. I agree his teeth could use some work maybe you can repaint it? But overall a nice figure :)
11 dias atrás
I want this figure so much! it's the only Bakugo prize figure I like so far cus I feel it looks like him from most angles and it's plainer than the action poses.
11 dias atrás