How do you feel about figure prices nowadays?How do you feel about figure prices nowadays?Ask MFC

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Hi everyone! Long time no see, I used to be quite active on here back in 2014-2017 and was an avid collector pre-ordering up to 8 figures every month (nendoroids and scales mostly) and let's say I spent around 1K USD in figures every month (sold like 99% of my collection in favor of studying in Japan)
For the past 2 years I tried collecting again, I purchased a couple of used figures off mandarake and I tried to get into pre-ordering figures again.
BUT WHAT'S THIS? Price figures have inflated so much, I remember pre-ordering a 1/8 scale for 7k-8k yen in 2016 even 1/7 scales went for 14-16 K and I was shocked to see that some 1/7 scales are even going now for more than 30K ;__; back in 2017 my most detailed scale which was this ITEM #144354 was 13k only plus shipping say it ended up being around 15k
Nowadays prices have really turned me away from collecting and trying to purchase slightly damaged figures off Mandarake for a cheaper price here and there as I'm not that picky about slight damage that can be easily fixed (we all have super glue laying around somewhere)
So I'm wondering, have prices increased due higher quality and detail in figures? Is 25k+ on a 1/7 scale really worth it? Why have the prices inflated so much in both retail and after market? Has it affected you in any way, I'm really curious to hear what are everyone's opinions on this!
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Prices should increase if the quality increases. However, from what i can tell, a lot of people pre-order and wait months for figures to arrive only for them to arrive broken or with factory issues. Perhaps if this was less of an issue i would be fine with saving up a bit more to recieve something i will not be selling off after 3 months. Of course if the figure has a big base with a lot of details and stuff going on, i could justify the price. But a normal 1/8 or 1/7 scale figure with a simple base should not cost over 10k yen imo.
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Inflation may be one reason for the increase in prices. But I'd say the main reason is simply greed. Manufacturers started to charge more because they think they can get away with it. And they're not wrong. People will continue to buy up these figures for 30k+.

One example is, 5 years ago you could buy a new figma with several accessories for 3k yen. Now figma cost 3-4x more and you're getting less than you used to. Nendoroids are following that same path. And in my opinion, the quality has been slipping over the last couple years.
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Honestly, I think it's inflation, anime becoming a "trend" and overall just prices going up. Even the cheap figures i bought for maybe 13 bucks go for 40+ now. I think I'm going to stick with garage kits and prize figures for now, and wait until prices go down and anime becomes less of a trend.
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This is my first time stepping back into the hobby in about 3 or 4 years, and I have to say, I'm a little shocked! At first I just thought, "oh, I chose well on all my old purchases -- look how much they've appreciated in value!" ... But now I'm beginning to suspect it's just a byproduct of general inflation. If it is, I wonder how long it'll last, or if this is just the new normal.
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mufifufu2 meses atrás#98463181LOL Yes that's it
Our boy JPow's in da house
(and he owes me my cut - no PPP loans or stimulus checks for me yet!)
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WhoBeDaPlaya2 meses atrás#98462024-

LOL Yes that's it
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Tired of super competitive aftermarket. It seems all the in-store crowd moved there plus more newcomers. Can't ever get anything good unless you are awake 3am in the morning. It used to be back in 2017 just sort by price and hit refresh at 6am. Also cannot trust post release price since scalping is so rampant everything gets scalped whereas before it usually took little more time after release for most things. With price at one point 1/7 seem to cost the almost sane as 1/4 except now they wisened up and pushing 30k barrier for 1/4...
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I started around 2009, stopped 2016 and came back last year and it’s definitely slowed me down. Sold some of my collection I no longer was attached to, but Alter in particular is getting ridiculous, just look at that Prinz Eugen figur, 37000!
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PVC anime figure store.

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