Ribbon Style  - 1/8 - Limited Color Edition (Beagle)Ribbon Style - 1/8 - Limited Color Edition (Beagle)Review

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Well...this time I will introduce Ribbon Style. I own a couple of Range Murata figures and this time is the turn of one of my two Ribbon Style.
This figure comes out from the ilustration above. Its the first version of Ribbon Style, born from Range Murata and manufactured by Beagle in 2007.
The ones I want to review is the limited edition. The changes are: The clothing, eyes and hair colors, and the replacement of the maid accesory for a brand new Nekomimi ears.

Ribbon Style's sculpting is charming. When you look her at the first time...her pose and her size looks so kawaii...but if you look more...she owns a little bad sculpting details like some of the tons of her ribbons which look akward, or the hair...which is a little rude.
The scale of this figure is 1/8 but due to her age and position, she is as the size as a nendoroid.

About the Ribbon's painting, there are no mistakes nor great gradients...its quite simple but good quality. The only OH NOES is the face painting...the eyes maybe too big, with no astonishing pupils and a little sscary, and the eyebrows are simple.

My fav aspect is her dress. Maybe the original black ones is more serious, but this one is very pretty for her ^^

Score: 7/10

*-~_POSING and BASE_~-*

The pose also has a extra point, she looks nicer in every angle. And almost a different figure in each perspective.

Her arms and profile are the best points on posing, she looks like a curious kitten, an extra that the original ver lacks.

Her base is stylish but there is no need of it. Its the same one than the original ver, with silky orange sponge and black corners.

Score: 8/10

She's packed in a rectangular box, the same than the original ver, without changing pictures. The box is very small and very stylish too, with all the essence of Range Murata's products.

Score: 8/10

Enjoyment with her is fine. She and her twin are in my children figures' area.
MEEW click the thumbnails for bigger size

Score: 6/10

Overall, she has got a 7.3. I couldn't choose between her of her twin, so I picked both. Both under the 40€ for sure, they're very small for paying 60€.

Now I should earn money to complete my Range Murata's collection with Chris white ver and UJ-14 figure/1181_uj_...
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