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In the last one month or so I've dipped back in this hobby, I realized that I fell out of love with a good 40% of my collection. I'm currently living away from my family home where all my figures are, but every time I go back to visit I feel cluttered and anxious when I enter my room and see all my figures displayed on those large Billy shelves.

Back then I thought nothing of it and loved the idea of having a large collection, and I was determined to expand it all the time. After two years of collecting hiatus I fully regret some of my impulsive decisions from the past. Why do I have these prize figures of characters I don't know? Why did I get so many trading figures? What went through my head when I decided it was a good idea to build an Alice in Wonderland collection? Many of these figures also didn't have any resale value, and I knew I'd have a hard time getting rid of them.

Even when I look at my "owned" tab on MFC I felt the same anxiety. But it's not that I hate all my figures, I still have my long-time favorites and grails-- mostly beautiful scale figures that I felt were overshadowed by the abominable amount of prize figures and trading figures I own. Maybe I used to love them? I was a high school student when I entered a hobby and didn't have much money for expensive figures, so I settled with those.

Now that I'm an adult I feel a lot of regret for those purchases and genuinely feel like casting them aside from the figures I still love. In fact, I've already packed most of them up to sell... except I have a hard time getting them to sell. So now I just have a mountain of prize figures back in their boxes that don't belong anywhere.


So, have any of you felt the same way I do? Ever had the same idea of expanding your collection but regretting it later on? Fell out of love with figures you used to love and feel burdened by them now? Please tell me that I'm not alone! (ノωヽ)

EDIT due to misunderstandingsEDIT due to misunderstandingsThere seems to be some misunderstanding from the way I worded the last part. It's not that I'm unable to sell the figures due to not being able to let them go-- I did put most of these figures up for sale but I had a hard time getting them to sell due to the nature of prize figures not holding their value after a while, unlike scale figures. Nostalgia is not an issue, I've had them for a long time and I've been wanting to let them go anyway.
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If you're having trouble getting rid of some of the lower value figures, you might be able to sell them to a used media store like Half Price Books or Vintage Stock (or whatever stores serve that market in your area). Or maybe try grouping them in lots to sell--you can get rid of a bunch at once and minimize the time you have to put in to sell. You could also donate them to a thrift store or offer them for free to people willing to pay shipping.
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Not all things are meant to bring us joy forever, some things you enjoy for a brief period of time and move on. If that's what it's like for you, then it's great that you're moving on so you can appreciate the ones that you still enjoy.

For me, a big part is how it's all displayed. I have a collection room in my new home that is much bigger than my previous one and is finally starting to be organized the way I want it to be. The one in my previous apartment was so cramped I couldn't enjoy them as much and I didn't enjoy even being in that room that much anymore, but now I absolutely love it. I also can spread things out throughout my house now (including the library), which makes it less overwhelming. My collection is a bit on the larger size (1k+ in figures alone) and I've already promised many people that when things start to feel cramped I will be getting rid of some to have space for new ones.
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Sorry that this may be a bit scatterbrained. I love my large collection. Even if I fall out of love with a property, the figures I have from that represent a time in my life to me and help me recall those memories. I don't have the best memory so these physical embodiments of different times in my life mean the world to me. I am excited for the day I can get them all out on display. I fine them inspirational for my own creative work. I also love seeing the artistry that goes into the pieces I have, both expensive and cheap, as well as trying to collect and preserve some super old figures as well. I have some I need to add to MFC, but that's where I get anxiety. I look forward to expanding my collection even more and cherishing every piece I have.
(I was also expecting you to have a bit more, but my perception is very skewed since the number in my tab is closing in on 900)
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Hikikomori71 mês atrás#100375651Also, ngl, I was kinda expecting you to have more figures in your owned section... But clearly my perception of a 'large collection' is maybe a bit skewed. ^^; I've got over 240 figures and 300 merchaha, that's because there were around 200ish figures before I removed half of them from my "owned" tab. I couldn't stand seeing the unholy amount of prize figures in it, I decided to move them to a list where I can still keep track of what I have. It used to be so messy that it gave me anxiety every time I looked at it.
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Here and there. I realize how much more particular I need to be. I try not to buy too many nendoroids as I find them to be the most work to display and put away.
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Yep, when I first started collecting a year ago I started off with around 10 prize figures, once I bought my first scale figure (ITEM #78404) I cannot and will not ever buy another prize figure again. The mass majority of prize figures are bland and lack any form of quality, I can totally see where people are coming from when they say that prizes make their collections feel cluttered, I've given away most of the prize figures I had to younger family members. And I plan on getting rid of almost all of them besides a few exceptions.

I'd rather have a small collection of beautiful scales, than have tons of bland prizes.
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I cancelled the few figures I've pre-ordered impulsively, because 'ooo pretty *-*', in the past before I paid for them.
And I don't collect prize figures, so cheap prices aren't there to lure me, lol.

Of the figures I own, only 2 of them are in the 'I could probably sell this one day and have no regrets' and 2 more are borderline, I wouldn't know if I'd regret it or not until I actually sold them.

Also, ngl, I was kinda expecting you to have more figures in your owned section... But clearly my perception of a 'large collection' is maybe a bit skewed. ^^; I've got over 240 figures and 300 merch
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I actually recently came to the realization that prize figures, while cheap and fun in the moment, just end up being a waste of space. I had about 4 that were on pre-order at BBTS and cancelled those orders. I have about 9 prize figures in total and I plan on being a lot more careful in my figure choices in the future, as I can already tell that while I like the figures I have now, those will most likely be packed away back into their boxes to collect dust eventually.
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I feel you! This is a reason why I am downsizing my collection since a few years. Owning too much or stuff I don't like a lot is stressing me out
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I can relate it’s nice having them but it’s slowly and gradually makes you feel like you’ve wasted time buying them in the first place. I believe it’s that impulse feeling and change that we adapted towards a character. Eventually we deter what’s important to us and whether if it’ll be fine to cut some ties or figures to be exact
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