Oumae Kumiko 1/8 custom / scratchbuild from Sound! EuphoniumOumae Kumiko 1/8 custom / scratchbuild from Sound! EuphoniumDiary

madmikemadmike1 dia atrás
Hello everyone,

after looking for an English GK forum for a while I decided to post my treasures here now.
I don't want to use Facebook or any Discord because I'd like to have a nice cozy place with nice people to talk about my favourite hobby, so let's go ;)

I got hooked really fast on Kumiko while watching this beautiful series by KyoAni (thanks guys, great work!!) and seeing that there's no figure of her available I decided to do my own.
Using Blender and a lot of help from a friend I managed to get some decent data to print. The Eupho was done using Catia, and I can understand that no figure maker wants to tackle that. Making a mould of that one would be a nightmare.

All the parts were printed on a Phrozen Shuffle 4K, painting was done using mainly airbrush with Vallejo colors, her hair was done by brushing.

I made a background too, a 1/8 Japanese school window wall complete with sliding windows, curtains and real wooden floor. If you're looking for a nice floor, check bamboo bathroom floor mats ;))
Those windows alone needed 13 meters of aluminium to make. I hope it will be useful for other figures too.

So please enjoy!











I just had to try and add the correct manufacturer's logo, and the printer even printed it. That's a ballpoint pen for size ref btw.
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Thank you all for watching & the great feedback!

@ SebastianLover, I used a key visual illustration of Kumiko for posing. It shows her in a really clustered music room, making all the probs would be cool too ;)
Btw, my computer I use for Blender & CAD is 10 years old... especially Blender works well on older systems I hear. Might want to give it a try.
há 12 horas
yoooo this looks incredible holy heck
há 14 horas
I'd buy this in milliseconds if a company actually made it, even if it cost several hundred $. Incredible work!
há 16 horas
Wow! This is super impressive. The overall figure is really cool and there are some really nice details.
há 17 horas
thanks for showing off this lovely garage kit! enjoyed the read.
há 19 horas
Nice job! I really like the pose and straddling her across two chairs adds a nice casual feel to it, like you just walked in on her practicing after school. The instrument in particular is really well done. I really would like to get into Blender, but step 1 is getting a better computer instead of my 9 year old dinosaur.XD
há 20 horas
What a nice and smooth sculpt! My dream is to 3D print my own models (and some MMD ones) and make them into figures. Unfortunately, money talks and a 3D printer isn't my priority investment at the moment. It's nice to see another article like this. Especially of someone using Blender.
há 20 horas
Nice. If this would be availabe as a scale, I'd get it.
1 dia atrás
Wow, this is amazing! She looks incredible, it's always nice seeing people's custom figures and all the work that goes into it!
1 dia atrás
Thank you for your kind words!

I really wish one could get rich selling figures, but I highly doubt it. For starters I wouldn't want to deal with licensing issues ^_^;

Blender is a cool piece of software. It helps to have a professional CAD background though, and of course you need to practice and practice some more. And then you don't have any time left for printing and painting your works, argh.
1 dia atrás
Import from Japan

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