which Mayuri figure should i get?which Mayuri figure should i get?Ask MFC

OdysseyOdyssey7 meses atrás
i plan on starting a Steins;Gate collection sometime. i love Mayuri a lot, but all of her figures either are prize quality, or in a different outfit. between ITEM #54229 and ITEM #47340, which one should i get?

i plan on getting this Kurisu ITEM #78589, and this Suzuha ITEM #117949, so that can help with which Mayuri to get based on what i'm already looking at, maybe lol. feel free to give figure recommendations of Faris and Okabe as well! even Daru if he has any good figures lol
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I know it's not everyone's thing, but one of my favorite figures is my Mayushi Nendoroid. I love Mayushi so much and just having an adorable little figure of her just warms my soul. Don't make the same mistake as me though and get her used and opened. Yes, opened. Mine was sealed and due to the age of the figure, she's super sticky. I've since bathed her several times and the stickiness does not go away using that method. So I'm treating her like my original L Nendo and she's just on my shelf. Over time she has become less sticky just sitting there, but it's a process that takes years. It took around 5 years for L, so I expect thr same for Mayushi. In all honesty though, all of the Steins;Gate nendoroids are precious. I'm just play favorites a little lolol
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The second one would fit among the others much better I think. Wish we had more figure options for characters other than Kurisu. Amane is my favorite but the bike one is really the only attainable figure...she's beautiful though; definitely get one of her when you can!
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Ah, save up for both! ^_^
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"i plan on getting this Kurisu ITEM #78589, and this Suzuha ITEM #117949"
This is the way.

Tbh, I have the same dilemma as you, I want to get a good scale figure of Mayushii but there's none in her original uniform. If I have to pick, I would go with her second prize figure. I'm still waiting for a scale though.
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I definitely think ITEM #47340 looks far better than the other one, the pose certainly seems cuter too!
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donslipo7 meses atrás#102213148Me when reading the title:
"Wait, I don't remember Mayuri ENTRY #3241 having any figures listed". xD
Definitely a different concept haha
7 meses atrás
Me when reading the title:
"Wait, I don't remember Mayuri ENTRY #3241 having any figures listed". xD
7 meses atrás
You made the best choices for Kurisu and Suzuha IMO.
For Mayuri I went for ITEM #695518 since they actually have a christma party in S;G0. I don't own the two that you're considering here.
For Okabe I suggest ITEM #118006. Not the best quality figure, but there are not that much choices.
7 meses atrás
Def second
7 meses atrás
I think the second one is a lil better!
7 meses atrás
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