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  • If you're hoping to at least get a fair amount of comments, posting your article at a busy time does help. I've noticed around 9 AM (PST time) is when a lot of American users are active while you still have some users from Europe (and other regions) still hanging around. But my experince is more of a grain of salt and might take some luck.

    Another thing I've noticed is it seems most users comment on short articles. Not implying you shouldn't write long articles, but I assume some people give up scrolling all the way if they were going to write a comment. My article for an example is just a bunch of rambling and is picture heavy. It does help if you use the spoiler tag feature for some sections. For an example, the building and painting part from this garage kit blog was put under spoiler.

    Here is what the spoiler tag should look like. You can also add as many images as you like! View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://u.cubeupload.com/AMS2000/20211210203153.jpg

    This probably isn't necessary, but it might help. Having an eye-catching title should attract a big crowd. I would check out the titles used from the Readers' selection blogs to get some inspiration. Oh, and maybe you can add a poll or ask a question at the end as some extra. Usually the articles that get engagement are the ones that ask a question.

    I wish you luck on your journey! :) https://c.tenor.com/IJ5xsml2pocAAAAC/thumbs-up-tohru.gif Edit: By the way, the direct video linking Milady-Alluca was talking about is coded like this. [Video] www.youtube.com... [/video] Make sure to remove the "m" and replace it with "www" if you're on mobile.
    6 meses atrás
    I'm sure your reviews will be very helpful to other collectors! If you wanna do it, go for it! I just hope you don't feel pressured into doing it if you don't really want to. Remember to take your time. :)
    6 meses atrás
    There can never be enough reviews.
    I find them super helpful when I am indecisive or when I try to find the figure second hand and want to confirm authenticity.

    Just try it out and maybe you have a lot of fun with it.
    I guess it also makes you appreciate your figure more as you analyize and photograph it in detail.

    Just one request if you decide to make reviews:
    Please mention the size of the figure box and the weight!
    No one ever does it and it would be SUPER helpful to estimate shipping. XD
    6 meses atrás
    It's a really good idea. When I hesitate to buy a figure that has already been released, I usually look at unboxing, whether in an article with photos or videos :) So I really like your idea.
    6 meses atrás
    I'd love to see more reviews here in the Blog Section, they are rare here so review some figures!
    6 meses atrás
    Do what makes you happy :P
    6 meses atrás
    OnePixel Power of God & Anime on My Side
    Reviews are always welcome.
    6 meses atrás
    Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
    If you want to review a figure and feel the process would be fun: do it.
    If you want to review a figure because you want recognition from the general community and getting the recognition or attention would be fun: maybe think about it more.

    User interaction and comments are super unpredictable on figure reviews, and it's also generally even less interaction if the figure has already gotten a few other reviews. I seriously only recommend people get started in making content themselves if they would have fun just for the process even if no one acknowledged their efforts. (If you have grand plans about the content you make I feel you set yourself up for failure if you get too caught up in future-vision just starting out).

    My two cents on figure reviews: provide lots of pictures and different angles in good light without harsh shadow and just try to get them as clear as you can. Fuzzy blurry noisy pictures taken with nothing but a standard overhead room light are kind of unpleasant to look at -even more so in a review scenario. Certainly point out obvious flaws or criticisms but I personally prefer when reviewers are also invested in talking about what they like in a figure and I am not into a total negative review (unless of course the figure is a garbage fire situation).

    Also, if you want to include any video content, have it be entirely extra and opt-in. If I click on a review here and it's just someone linking back to their youtube channel I click Back so fast.
    6 meses atrás
    I always like reading reviews! Especially if it's a figure that hasn't been reviewed on here yet.
    6 meses atrás
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