One Piece - Juracule Mihawk - Portrait Of Pirates DX - 1/8 (MegaOne Piece - Juracule Mihawk - Portrait Of Pirates DX - 1/8 (MegaReview

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Design & Detail

These are some of the best figures I’ve ever seen, but why? First and most important is the accuracy of the figure to the original manga characters. I’ve seen so many figures that seem to just use the original artist’s work as a starting point and end up looking like someone else’s interpretation of the original. That’s fine if that’s what you’re looking for, but I want something that faithfully portrays the characters as I’ve come to know them. Megahouse knows how important this is and goes through painstaking detail to make these figures look as close to the original artwork as possible. I’m truly impressed by the faithfulness of this figure. Mihawk stands a little over 9″ tall. Mihawk’s ginormous sword is about 10.5″ long. He comes with 2 different hands, one that can hold the sword and one that is doing a more open handed gesture. The intricate patterns on his sleeves and inside his collar are actually embossed, they have depth. The bottom part of the cross around his neck can be removed to reveal a small knife blade, the one he fought Roronoa with.

Paint & Materials

I didn’t notice any paint messiness or going out of bounds and many areas have nice highlighting or shading. Mihawk’s sword and base are both painted an iridescent color that changes from metallic black to purple to teal green depending what angle you’re viewing from, it’s a great touch. Another sign of high quality paint jobs is that there are matte areas and shiny areas. Cheap paint jobs are generally all quite shiny with no variance. That is another way to spot a fake Portrait of Pirates figure. In authentic figures, the majority of areas are matte, but certain areas like Mihawk’s belt buckle are more shiny like metal. The cheap knock-offs you see on ebay are shiny all over.

The material they are made up is very sturdy. The cape is scuplted beautifully flowing, but even though it's the thinnest area on the figure, it doesn't feel like it’d break like on some garage kits. It's actually made of quite pliable plastic, not brittle at all.


Although POP DX figures can be rather pricey they are truly the BEST One Piece figures out there. So the price really is justifiable in my opinion. They also sell out FAST, so often ebay is the best choice but beware of fakes. If you are a fan of Mihawk, and who isn't, this figure is the best one of him.




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the mighty swordman , like both him n aokiji .
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