My first true ‘Impulse purchase’?My first true ‘Impulse purchase’?Diary

AtsunomeAtsunome1 mês atrás
Hi MFC, an unexpected article today.

So, I was just checking the AmiAmi refresh as I always do, and I saw the Sakura Miku Nendoroid Doll (ITEM #969993) on there in ITEM:A/BOX:B condition. Suddenly, I felt my hand hovering over the add to cart button, and then-

Well, I bought it without even a second thought.

To be fair, it’s not a 100% impulse purchase, as the figure had previously been on my “Extended Wishlist”, but the way I just spent so much money without a thought kind of scared me.

I wasn’t planning to bring it up, but I guess it’s relevant here - I’ve been on a new anxiety medication over the last month, and I’m kinda scared that it’s made me more willing to spend money so spontaneously.

I’ll definitely talk to my doctor about that next time I have an appointment, but for now I guess my wallet will just have to bear the burden.

Oh well, at least I have a new figure to Speed Review-

Thank you for reading!
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How often do you make ‘impulse’ figure purchases?

9%All the time.
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dovewings1 mês atrás#109554104When does AmiAmi refresh anyways? There's always new stuff whenever I wake up but I haven't been able to peg the exact time they upload new things.

The update time changes every year with Amiami and not consistent. Currently, update time is roughly 6:00-6:30pm PDT.
1 mês atrás
When does AmiAmi refresh anyways? There's always new stuff whenever I wake up but I haven't been able to peg the exact time they upload new things.
1 mês atrás
I never to rarely did impulse purchases before, but the last year I've been finding myself buying figures just because they look nice or cute and/or are cheap or a good deal.
There are just too many nice figures out there, but we can't have all. I could end up selling them someday. It's actually better to stay with your actual wishlist. I even sometimes want a figure that I see on first sight. Since I have 500 figures wished, I think the extended list would be another 500. I try to track them all on my account, so I don't get too random figures that I don't even know at all.
1 mês atrás
Last year I made a lot of impulse purchases and ended up not wanting them anymore by the time I got them. ITEM #1191264 & ITEM #1191262 for example. There's probably more of my preorders that I'm waiting on that I won't want anymore by the time they get here. This problem is the reason why I'm being a lot more careful about deciding if I really want a figure from now on. I haven't bought one in nearly 2 months, now.
1 mês atrás
Lol. I literally had the same impulse buy with Sakura Miku Nendoroid Doll. Got her completely new from auction on japanese website. Was very excited. Waited for her to arrive for quite a long time. When she came - realized I don't want her anymore. She still is in the box, I didn't even display her. ;___;
1 mês atrás
I literally just bought ITEM #1023011 like 2 seconds ago right when AmiAmi restocked.
1 mês atrás
Be proud of your inner child

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