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Is there a figure (or more) you ordered and never received? If yes how is the story to it? And would you buy said figure again if it was for sale today?

You can also tell us about a pre-owned figure you almost bought but then decided otherwise as you saw the condition pictures of it.
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USPS lost everything in this list (there's a lot of merch too) LIST #180085. Somehow after it left Chicago customs the tracking stopped and no one knew its location. It's been almost a year since the tracking stopped so it probably wont arrive. :,) The only thing I rebought was ITEM #419809
1 mês atrás
Phat Matoi and 3 more figures got "stuck" at customs and ended up on govdeals. USPS removed my label after customs, never scanned and auctioned off my items.
1 mês atrás
Protocol7 Connecting…
ITEM #1139926
Ordered from a foreign seller. Is stuck in Chicago due to sudden law changes in their home country. T_T
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before nippon yasan, once I did not get my asuza laying figure because december and SAL, but it was "okay" I got another one from my wife and also I always used small package without tracking, it was clear it would happen anywhen, thats why I recommend everything shipped after august should be not SAL, just to be save.
1 mês atrás
Nippon Yasan... goodbye order...
1 mês atrás
I ordered Chi from Nippon Yasan.
To make it short: goodbye my order and money for this order.

Had to buy Chii later for a higher price. -_-

Gosh, I still hate NY.
1 mês atrás
I ordered over 3000 US dollars of figures from Nippon Yassan store and never arrived . The store shutdown and closed . I was so concern about blocking my account so I kept paying for my pre orders and they kept delaying my orders .I tired desperately to contact their customers service , but no one helped me .
I only order from AmiAmi they are the best in customers service . They were very helpful during COVID’s 19 period .
I don’t think I will buy those figures again because they were very limited and I will never get them on sale unless they are opened and damaged .
1 mês atrás
A fairly cheap one, I preordered this entire set from play-asia a long time ago, but for whatever reason a single figure was shipped separately from the others, and this very package was lost on the way to my country.
I got a refund, but it was still very disappointing since the missing figure happened to be ITEM #121302 and he's the one I wanted the most at the time. Still plan on buying him someday, though.
1 mês atrás
A package from amiami I almost didn't get, no tracking notice, no email, nothing, just one day found a pink slip in my lawn explaining they had attempted to deliver a package a month ago, luckily my post office still had it.. a week later and it would have been sent back. Dhl has given me extreme issues with packages, after my incident with them losing a $200 figure and then leaving it in the rain, I'm never using them again.
1 mês atrás
I have been ordering stuff from Lazada and Shopee for many, many months now.

None of them are delayed and/or have not arrived, at least so far.
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