ranking every PuP i own, plus thoughts on the line.ranking every PuP i own, plus thoughts on the line.Diary

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i want to preface that i'm not expecting anything special from these figures. they're small and relatively cheap, but they're cute, and i can have my pokes and loves and gripes! i enjoy a lot of PuPs. at the end of the day, i'm spending my money on these, so i can say whatever about them!

i started buying pup up parade figures because they were making cheaper figures for characters who have existing prepainted figures in price ranges that are way out of my budget (such as ENTRY #112907 and ENTRY #2550). i like scales, figmas, nendoroids, prize figures, and other little oddities all the same, as long as they fit an aesthetic i'm going for, or they're from series i like.

my first PuP was ITEM #945919 . i'm a game designer, journey is one of my favorite games, and i have a friend who works at thatgamecompany. i've collected a few since then, especially since a local comic store sells them for decent enough prices. they may be a bit more expensive through a loca store, but we have to support our locals as much as we can!

i'm still buying PuPs every so often. i ordered ITEM #1008929 because it's one of the few figures that exist for this series. even if i hate jack. he's such an awful character, and i want to throw him into a river. because this one didn't sell very well, ITEM #1206095 from the same game is probably never coming out. feel free to check out the comments on her entry, mourning her loss.

also have ITEM #1780169 preordered, because i love her, as well as ITEM #1586485 , because i have to support my indie games. i hope these two come out gorgeous! others on my wishlist include ITEM #1618510 , ITEM #1618453, and ITEM #1569142 .

the major drawback that everyone has with them is the base. the hexagons are plain, big, and ugly. i've considered making custom bases for each of them, but i just don't have the time or motivation. you hate this. i hate this. the world hates this. for now, though, i'll barely talk about the bases.

so here's me ranking all 11 of my PuP figures. please be mindful of my low LED lights and my iphone 13 camera.

11. kagamihara nadeshiko (ITEM #1326023)

i love this girl. i love yuru camp. i think her pose is super cute, with flowing hair and clothes. my problem comes with the "false advertising", in that in none of her promotional material does it show the support leg to help keep her leg up. while in a way, i saw it coming to help prevent the leaning, it does look pretty ugly, and it wasn't even shown anywhere. maybe they thought less people would purchase it if they showed the support.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/973228930666491977/1086789491085291560/IMG_6190.jpg

10. nagito komaeda (ITEM #1211232)

i got komaeda to match with my junko, and i plan on getting the rest of the released PuPs just to have a full danganronpa collection. komaeda's has enough action with how his jacket and drawstrings flow, and i quite like his pose, but this PuP is the one that's had the most errors. he has a blatant black marking on one of his nails and the inside of one of his hands. i didn't even notice until now, but he also has a mark underneath his bang, right on his nose. other painting flaws include on the back of one of his shoes, one on the inside of his coat, and on the back of his pants. i had to force the sculpt of his legs to move some just to fit it in the hole.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/973228930666491977/1086780727439405076/IMG_6187.jpg

i think his sculpt is lovely, and i think he's a cool figure overall, but the mistakes just make me mad. the only reason he is above nadeshiko is due to the peg not even being advertised.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/973228930666491977/1086789491399868547/IMG_6189.jpg

9. mankanshoku mako (ITEM #1155353)

i bought her because she was cheap as hell on crunchyroll. her box came dusty. i don't even know how that happens.

she's low on the list because she's cute, but she's inoffensive. it's a pose for the iconic character, but there still isn't much going on. she has two scruff marks on her chest and a small paint error on her socks. also, her base is like...pee yellow. it's very funny.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/973228930666491977/1086789491718639757/IMG_6188.jpg

8. tennouji rina (ITEM #1098643)

very neutral about this one. i really, really hate that this was the outfit they chose. her paired with a gray base, i feel, doesn't do her any favors. i got her from my lunar new year mystery box from good smile, so i wouldn't go out of my way to own her. she's cute, but she's not memorable.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/973228930666491977/1086789840206581820/IMG_6201.jpg

7. suigintou (ITEM #1402488)

i really like the sculpt of this one, especially her dress! my problems with her, however, come from three places: she, like komaeda, has black scruff marks on her fingers that are pretty noticeable from certain angles (and have been like that since opening). she is a bit wobbly, no matter how far i put her into my base (i have her on my desk, and i notice her vibrate when i type). and...she has a little bit of a dorito chin. she's not lower because i think she's beautiful otherwise.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/973228930666491977/1086789489558569062/IMG_6197.jpg

6. goro akechi/crow (ITEM #806081)

i have a feeling that crow would look a lot better if i had him next to joker. i don't own joker yet, though. even so, i think akechi looks really good! i like how dynamic this pose is, especially with the lean of his leg and his backstretched hand. i wish there was more shading, maybe on the red of his outfit, but we already get some intense knee shading, so i'm not complaining. he has some tiny scruffs on the white of his pants, but they're barely noticable.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/973228930666491977/1086789489827008542/IMG_6195.jpg

5. dead master (ITEM #1188555)

this PuP of dead master is meant to be a cheaper alternative to ITEM #27627 . it's a little hard to not compare the two. the PuP doesn't come with the cool skull. i think despite it all, this dead master is really cute! the variation between her hair and outfit in terms of color is there, but it's hard to spot. i put it here, though, because it has what i think makes these PuPs stand out from prize figures: a super cool use of props. the scythe looks FANTASTIC, and it brings a lot more to the figure's composition. it's why even, despite the prettier colors and shading of ITEM #1464416, i like this one more.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/973228930666491977/1086789489235603486/IMG_6198.jpg

4. madoka kaname (ITEM #1326062)

this has one of my favorite dress sculpts of any of my madokas! it's fluffy like a jellyfish. her pose might be a little awkward, but it's made up for in the fantastic sculpt of the arrow and the bow. the bow can be hard to put together at points (and i fear, like with any madoka figure, it's prone to break), but i don't feel that for the arrow at all. her hair has a faint gradient of shading that's super gorgeous.

i only just noticed the huge paint error underneath her sleeve. welp, it happens.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/973228930666491977/1086789490716201070/IMG_6192.jpg

3. junko enoshima (ITEM #1211192)

wow, i really love this one. as said with dead master, i love the inclusion of props. monokuma in the middle is such a lovely addition! her pose is fierce, and her pigtails are gorgeous. she has a scruff mark out of sight (one behind her knee) and some very small paint issues if you look behind her up-close, but the sculpt and how much i love this pose overshadow that. i even really like the hot pink of the base. i feel it just adds to junko's devilish badassery! it's simple, but it's effective.

it's like a good alternative to ITEM #142995.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/973228930666491977/1086789490418401390/IMG_6193.jpg

2 and 1: the travelers (ITEM #945919 and ITEM #1585575)

these two are just striking. what i really like about them is the way they change the base with their feet, creating a rustle of sand as they wander about the desert. these two may seem like "recolors", but in a way i don't mind. the red one's scarf droops more than white's, and whether that's intentional or just from mine drooping overtime, i don't know. it adds something very special to displaying them, though.

i like white's more than red. not just because white has a much deeper, emotional meaning to the game, but also in the design. the gold parts of white's cloak and scarf have a shiny sheen to them, and it's gorgeous. they're definitely my favorites.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/973228930666491977/1086789490124795994/IMG_6194.jpg

so, now, how do i feel about PuPs?

i might get them if i see them on sale for low prices, or if some come out for characters i like that either don't have figures to begin with or have some that are super expensive.

there's some PuPs that i just...really hate? as much as i love helltaker, ITEM #1326019 has such an awkward face and pose for me that i'll never own her. the upcoming PuP of ITEM #1710564 is so boring and uncharacteristic that i want her just to splash some fake blood all over her outfit. i need ITEM #1325995 for joke reasons. and maybe because i don't go here, but i don't need PuP variations of the nekopara girls like 500 times.

so, what do you think about any PuPs that you currently own?
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I own a lot of pups, but my favorite one its weiss schnee, really done well. ITEM #1047041
2 dias atrás
I have two, Sakuna from Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (ITEM #1267589) and Akutagawa from Bungo Stray Dogs (ITEM #1101651). I got them because I preferred them over the nendo versions. They both look really good.

I think the line is alright, especially because they pick up franchises that are often ignored, and scales are super expensive these days. They're a bit small, though, and there are definitely prize figures with better quality. I haven't preordered these and only decided to get them after seeing user pictures.

I'm picky with them and I'm not sure if I'd get them if they get too expensive. Maybe if they make a favorite character that doesn't have an affordable alternative, but only if the price doesn't get ridiculous.
4 dias atrás
I like the concept of PUPs as an-inbetween option for prize figures and scales but for me they often fail at the execution. A lot of the PUPs have a fairly similar level of detail and QC as prize figures but they're at least 50% more expensive which doesn't really justify the cost to me. Considering they're also smaller (my main gripe) with a worse base, I try not to collect them.

What I really appreciate about PUPs however is that they pick up smaller franchises which makes figures like ITEM #1586485 and figures of side characters like ITEM #1710621 and ITEM #1710607 possible. I also think ITEM #1618453 looks better than her announced scale ITEM #1605254 so that makes deciding which to get a little bit more difficult.

Currently I own three PUPs (from back when I didn't want to really buy scales yet) (ITEM #871638, ITEM #872862 and ITEM #1440838) and I think Chocola and Vanilla's sculpting are really good. I'm planning on selling them once/if ITEM #1508935 comes out but I'm fairly happy to have them for now (just too small..). I'm going to replace Chika with a prize figure though lol because I think she's really disappointing (washed out hair color, weird ring (?) of white around her head + she has plenty of better options).

So basically if a figure doesn't have any good prize figures (and no affordable scales), they're still an OK option but I'd almost always pick a Taito prize over a PUP if given the option. But I'm also pretty picky, I dislike their size and boring bases really bother me (with big black circles being the worst offender).
4 dias atrás
I like PuPs because they are a great cheap alternative. However, I think these figures are a hit or miss, and with them also rising in price and having more quality issues...I'm not sure if I will keep buying them in the future.
However, I did order myself some new ones: ITEM #1780169 (it's Bridget, so I had to lol), ITEM #1326009 (Same for Astolfo, it's Astolfo so I had to get him) and ITEM #1710621 (I love Chihiro. Chihiro's one of my most fave Danganronpa characters besides Nagito, Touko, Sakura and Kokichi)
I also have some PuPs in my collection too:
-I have all the Persona 5 PuPs. I like Akechi's en Futaba's the most. I also like Makoto's but I think Jokers one is kinda super meh.
-ITEM #872745 I love this one, really executed well.
-ITEM #1089229 I like this one too, looks really like Wei Wuxian.
-ITEM #1089230 I really dislike this one. The one thing that irks me the most is that he is SHORTER than Wei Wuxian....like how..?
-ITEM #1122771 Love this one. Love the face, the movement, the details of the clothing *chefs kiss*
-ITEM #1188554 *chefs kiss* love the details, the face, everything is perfect. And it's even more perfect for me since I couldn't get her first figure ITEM #6588
-ITEM #1211232 Love this one too, really looks like Nagito for once.

I basically removed all the PuP bases and made some for them myself because I find them absolutely hideous. It's really easy to do with just some simple clay.
4 dias atrás
My only PuP is ITEM #1131792 , and I'm absolutely in love with her. She's extremely high quality and beautiful!

I'm in a bit of weird position because PuPs of characters or series I like are never, ever announced. If they were, I'd surely have more! Rina is actually the only other one I've had my eye on. If they start announcing bishounen and shoujo PuPs, however....
4 dias atrás
yharnam the first hunter
AcePlatinum4 dias atrás#121885077At first, I was excited for the line as they provided a cheaper alternative to resign figures and require less space. But after purchasing a few, I fell out of love for these simply because of 2 reasons: 1) the base is super ugly and had to space out and 2) the price no longer justifies the QC which has gone down lately. I am trying to sell my Inuyasha ones and only keep my Yu-Gi-Ho PUPs as they are the few I feel that are pretty decent. For now, I will stay away from these unless the look exceptional or are JoJo related.

i feel like the quality of PuPs has steadily declined in recent releases, and it sucks to hear.
4 dias atrás
yharnam the first hunter
Erinachiii34 dias atrás#121885063yeah but for me a reason more to not get a PUP if there are alternatives available. In my country they cost 15-20€ more than other prize figures & then I don't want to customize the base anymore. I also don't like Banpresto bases because they are often way too huge but too basic.
I want more bases like these:
More shapes or atleast some print on the bases would be cool, especially because I have to pay more.

i like when prize figures have more fun bases. i'm a fan particularly of the translucent shape ones!
4 dias atrás
I have a few one, pop parade are a hit or a miss and sometimes there're the only to get a character or at a decent price

I own

ITEM #1574917
ITEM #1524863
ITEM #740197
ITEM #806081
ITEM #740201
ITEM #1166446 (The worst i have, i like yuji but gosh they did him dirty)
ITEM #1122771 (The best one but i don't really like the character or the anime)
ITEM #740193 (Second best, i actually like her and the game)

I ordered:
ITEM #1670964
ITEM #1524985
ITEM #1556057
ITEM #1618515
ITEM #1325970
ITEM #1585519
ITEM #1574926
ITEM #1574924
ITEM #1574875
4 dias atrás
I really liked the PUP line, but I don't know if I will continue. I just got the Ace Attorney PUPs and was disappointed to see the black disc base instead of the hexagonal ones from previous releases. I like the uniformity of displaying them altogether, but the black base just ruins it for the older releases. In addition, the quality on the Ace Attorney ones look terrible compared to previous releases.
4 dias atrás
At first, I was excited for the line as they provided a cheaper alternative to resign figures and require less space. But after purchasing a few, I fell out of love for these simply because of 2 reasons: 1) the base is super ugly and had to space out and 2) the price no longer justifies the QC which has gone down lately. I am trying to sell my Inuyasha ones and only keep my Yu-Gi-Ho PUPs as they are the few I feel that are pretty decent. For now, I will stay away from these unless the look exceptional or are JoJo related.
4 dias atrás
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