What is ahead for your collection? Series you like to collect.What is ahead for your collection? Series you like to collect.Diary

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So MFC, what is ahead for your collection?

What series do you like to collect?

Right now my focus is shifting firmly towards getting more Robots and after getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures from my Brother this weekend now starting to look into the first toyline I collected back in the 90's again that started me on my journey into the Hobby that is toy collecting.

Been hunting through old TMNT stuff online and will have to get a Technodrome next month.

That was an awesome playset Vehicle and a huge one, plus it's one of the more expensive TMNT Pieces and was released in 1990.


The old TMNT line is just full of wacky toys and figures and that's part of why I loved it as a kid and it's still part of the appeal of the series figures and vehicles.

Been looking into some other things and finding I'm still after more Power Rangers Zords and Serpentera has managed to get to the top of the list.


Always liked Lord Zedd's Zord, was a very cool looking Zord and it's fairly expensive so will have to wait and try to get one at a good deal.

Also finding my interests being drawn towards looking into Thundercats figures again and if my Trading friend has some might end up with a Thundercats Thundertank as part of our next Trade.


As I'm drawn back to older Action Figure series it's not just the nostalgia that is drawing me back it's the way these figures are, they are solid and were made for play and I love figures and vehicles that have some heft to them and basically are built so well compared to the almost lousy build of the newer action figures that break too easy at times so after splurging a bit this month on Power Rangers I want to go further back to collecting more TMNT and Thundercats figures over the next few months.


For collecting Anime MFC my focus has been remaining on Mobile Suit Gundam so that means a few more older action figures getting picked up from the old 2001 line, need to dig out the Gouf and the Flight Platform for it that I've got in storage and get that on display with the other Zeon Mobile Suits on the desk.

Still wanting to get more Zeon Mobile suits like more Doms and the Zeon Suits always looked very cool!


Mobile Suit Gundam is the series to collect for me that's easiest on my collecting budget due to the wide range of variety and it's always something that makes me a very happy Collector when more Mobile Suits get added to the collection since this is the series that made me an Anime Collector so sometimes it feels great to stick to one Anime series to collect for a while and will stick to collecting Gundam for the remainder of the year.

After the Stargate figures I'm getting from my friend in Trade arrive that may get me focusing on more Scifi series figures and may look into what Star Trek figures I'm missing for the collection and what other SG-1 and SGA figures I'll need to get to get all the ones I'm after, feels great to know I'll have the Stargates back in the collection and all of the SG-1 Team and SGA Team so that saves me a lot of time to hunt for those.


Not feeling it spend a lot on things moving forward to after this month's splurging feels like it's ready to focus on fewer series to collect and I can't keep up with all the new releases for series that do interest me plus with Hasbro's figures having more Quality Control Issues and terrible distribution plus costing what they do it's not that great to try to collect a lot of the newer releases so back in time we go to the 90's and late 80's and those things are the coolest things to collect.

My Friend shipped the Stargate stuff so hopefully it'll be here by my Birthday on Friday this week! So that will be fun to look forward too and am Tracking down more Power Rangers Zords parts so always looking out for old zord lots and and if things go well can take care of getting the Technodrome this week!


Plus will be working out the next Trade to get old Gundam Robot Spirits figures from him when he can get to looking for those so going to be great to get back to doing more Trading but this saves me a lot to to try to hunt up more so less time spent hunting less is spent so it works out perfectly in the end.

Just waiting to find those great deals and avoiding jumping on getting the first one that looks like a good deal when it pops up so hopefully by the end of this month can find one or two more excellent deals.


Things like this always help to boost my mood so got a nice week this week with things coming in so that box of Stargate stuff will be a great way to finish the week.

So MFC, What series do you like to collect?

What series draws you interest?
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Definitely Resident Evil! It seems like more figures are coming out such as the Leon Nendoroid and it's got me hopeful for more!
4 dias atrás
Mostly just mobile Suit gundum. And then the occasional mecha anime.
4 dias atrás
I think i have to rethink my goals

Maybe future wife wouldn't want me to keep big boobies figures
5 dias atrás
As of recently I've kind of just been collecting whatever figures caught my eye, but right now I want to focus on collecting Honkai Star Rail merch. Specifically of Dan Heng since I want to build a shrine dedicated to him~
5 dias atrás
Very much prioritizing transformers right now since I got into the series fairly recently. :)
I am very picky with my collection though(also am low on money this year) so it'll take a while until the transformers part of my collection is gonna look like how I want it to look!
5 dias atrás
If I did not already have all the Gundam Seed scales I wanted, I would prioritize those over others. (well... maybe I still need to get ITEM #109628 )

Currently my focus has been expanding my Code Geass collection. The most recent addition being ITEM #464675 .
5 dias atrás
Currently I focus on two shelves, my Jujutsu Kaisen one as I'd like to have one figure of each student (or at least my favorites), maybe one for each teacher as well and more Megumi merch as he's my favorite character and my Hatsune Miku one. I hope to find ITEM #989486 this year so I can start hunting for Hypnosis Mic merch, with the second season of the anime starting soon there hope for new nendoroids !

Then I want to get into doll so I can custom my own of Scaramouche but I need to finish my shelves before
5 dias atrás
My favorite manga right now, Frieren ENTRY #259817 and 100 GF ENTRY #251663 are getting anime this fall season, so it's going to be a lot more merch from both along with any figures that'll come out.

I already proxied some B2 posters through JP Mercari that I'm looking forward to, but I'm hoping there's going to be a lot of merch for both, like how Bibury has a ton of 5-toubun merch and Madhouse has all the merch for all of their hits (Overlord, OPM, HxH, etc.)
5 dias atrás
A lot. Lately I've been collecting a lot of Kuromi merch, a bit of Di Gi Charat merch, and honestly I think I might possibly have more Risky Safety (ENTRY #1486) merch than anyone around the Pittsburgh area considering I imported the manga series and the anime's soundtrack... Oops.
5 dias atrás
I like to collect from across all different anime and games, but my priority will always be Fire Emblem. I also love collecting Pokemon as well.
5 dias atrás

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