Death Note - L - Real Action Heroes (Medicom Toy)Death Note - L - Real Action Heroes (Medicom Toy)Review

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Hi Everyone.
This is my Review about L Medicom. I did also made one for Light make sure to check it out ;P.
Anyways. This Lyuuzaki Figure sure is a great one...

Sculpting: The Sculpting is perfect and you can see the bored and emotionless face of L.He is slightly smaller than Light.
His Hair is totally Anime like and they didnt miss somethin out, with the bags under his eyes and the panda eyes itselves.
He has a long white shirt and the jeans we know from the anime.The Jeans is perfect sewed and the color fits the figure perfect.Only problem is with the sleeves...They are a bit too short as you can see on the picture.
His Feet are well designed and they are specially made for this L figure.Very nice. 10/10


The Painting is amazing.The hair is black his eye pupil is black with a gray ring around it.But what takes the cake is his skin color...They made it VERY VERY VERY close to the anime.A perfect painting for a perfect figure. 10/10


L has much more funny poses than Light.You have much more
variables with him.He can achieve any pose that you want him to do,yes you can get him crouched like he allways sits in the anime.Really awesome.If you got Light and L together,ofc you have again much more variables to pose em.


what shall i say about the base? its a good base.Its transparent and you can change the holders so you can decide wanna hold him at his leg or his hips.Anyways he
can stand alone,if you want him to.


The Packaging is awesome^^
A great white Box with the big black L on it.
It really gives u the L on the computer Screen effect.
Pure awesomeness right there.Absolutely 10/10

Enjoyment: All in all you can have much enjoyment with the Lyuuzaki Figure.There are many ways to pose him,even if you keep him in the box,the box itself looks awesome.
You culd also remove the package inside the box and use it like a case for L and pose him within the box.But You wuld absolutely need the base for that.I can freely recommend you this figure.10/10

I hope you liked the review and thanks for reading^.^
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Good review, Nightmare- sasori! :)
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