Which color vers. do you like ?Which color vers. do you like ?Ask MFC

EmyyEmyy7 anos atrás
Hello !
SO I was having difficulties to choose which one to buy between ITEM #60795 and ITEM #99017.

I asked my friends but out of 10, only 2 prefer the original version.
Finally I choosed the 1P because I HATE color red.

And you ? which do you like ?
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Solange :

41%Version original
59%Version 2P
160 votos


i'd have gotten the second version cuz the sword looks like a master sword which is awesome :P (legend of zelda fan)
plus the colors are amazing in my opinion :3
7 anos atrás
im used to the original colour scheme so the first one
7 anos atrás
I like the 2P better for eye color and flower color. But the black and red are so distracting as to me they don't seem to match with anything else since she has green eyes and pink flowers.
With that in mind I'd prolly go with the 1P.
7 anos atrás
2P version, I think it has better color variations, that fit the character in a better way. I also like the combination of red and black.
On the original version the colors seem more plain to me, which details less of the character.
That's just my opinion on it.
7 anos atrás
If I honestly had no preference between 2 versions, I'd look at the rest of my collection and pick the version whose color scheme contrasts more with my existing figures. In this case though, the wide-eyed 'innocent' look on her face seems to match the lighter armor IMO.
7 anos atrás
Stalking Loli hunter
Original, definitely.
7 anos atrás
Being that red is my favorite color, I prefer the 2P version.
7 anos atrás
I liked the original very much when I first saw it, but when the 2P version came out though, I ended preferring it to the original. If I could justify owning both, I would, but I chose to purchase the 2P version.
7 anos atrás
The contrast is better for her skin and the outfit in 2P, but I prefer the originals color scheme more. It just depends on what you want.
7 anos atrás
both...they are so sexy and I cant vote 1 of them
7 anos atrás
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