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Singer_YunaSinger_Yuna7 anos atrás
(Did you know... that Ramblings means "desvaríos" in spanish?)

Well, I'm back from my hiatus, so it's time to organize a little my head...
And I will start doing a To-do list:
- Revise the spanish translation of MFC
- Refresh the Nendo-lovers club related items.
- Check MFC tumblr and add some posts to the queue (join it if you are in tumblr and haven't already! myfigurecollect... )

- Urgent need of completely change my MFC profile... It's needed since last year but I need to finish it. Profile layout is really old and I had special affection to the big blue image, but it's been two years and is a little image heavy... img265.imagesha...
- Check if I missed changing the items already arrived to my hands and still are in preorders and not in owned category.
- The same for the list of the figures without preorders opened which are already available for preordering.
- Revise some arrival's dates of my items that are wrong.

- Refresh my preorders' calendar on my Collection's manager.
- Update my personal lists of most wished figures.
- Include in the database some artbooks.
- Refresh Kiriban museum blogpost and change to public instead private (which is now)
- Stop flooding my MFC picture gallery with Rise's photos.
- Find Rise's right hand (which went missing when moving houses)
- Find the missing glasses of my Detolf crystal cabinet.
- Start rearranging my collection (again), well, I had a little help with the nendo-headquarters and it's halfdone but it isn't finished yet.
- Take photos of it xD
- Clean my figures
- Assemble the expedit drawers I bought in january (and fill the expedit with figures)
- Take some photos of Saber Alter (the best Beach Queen at the moment and she sits in my nightdesk) and Sayame figures (which I love)
- Start playing videogames again!!! (first on the list are Tales of the Abyss and Dangan Ronpa)

Long term tasks:
- Include in the database some Volks' DD outfits.
- Update the missing +100 nendo-avatars of the nendo-compatibility post on nendo-lovers' club.
- Write a new blogpost dedicated to a recently done photoshoot ^^
- Take a photo of the Rise Kujikawa shrine.

Also, the temporal avatar I'm wearing is a Shocked Mitsuru from P4 Mayonaka arena, which European release date has been already set (the rest of the world has already played but not meee bubuubuuuu) and I will be playing P4 arena with Mitsuru the queen of the executions on 10th may or so... can't wait!
Ah, I will change the shocked Mitsuru when the MFC profile revamp... still wondering who to wear in my next avatar...

I missed you MFC!
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Welcome Back to MFC land !
7 anos atrás
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
aeonblue7 anos atrás#1416321Yeeeeeaaahh P4U finally has a PAL release date! I'll be hogging Mitsuru too!! Thanks for the news haha.
And also, welcome back!
You're welcome fellow Mitsuru fan ^^ can't wait to put her as blonde or as ice queen xD but I still have my doubts if it is going to be really the 10th or not... I cross fingers for the yess! Thanks Aeonblue!buffoon7 anos atrás#1416323Very happy to have your hiatus done ^^Thank you Buffoon! more nendos to come to the gallery hehe!
7 anos atrás
Very happy to have your hiatus done ^^
7 anos atrás
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Yeeeeeaaahh P4U finally has a PAL release date! I'll be hogging Mitsuru too!! Thanks for the news haha.

And also, welcome back!
7 anos atrás
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