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Tag Peers' Approvals;


Hello there,

Here comes a small update on the tag system. Small changes on how they are displayed on each object page and... addition of a peers' approval system.


If you don't agree with a tag, downvote. If you approve, upvote.
Tags with the most upvotes will be displayed bigger. Tags with more than 2 downvotes will be hidden.
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Sorry if there's a better place to write this, but could I suggest maybe a way to turn off keyboard shortcuts? (eg. right and left keys to move between photos) I was commenting on a photo and when I used the right and left keys to move the cursor it loaded the next photo and I lost what I was writing. Repeat three times and it gets a little frustrating.

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good work :D
8 anos atrás
8 anos atrás
8 anos atrás
Let me congratulate with you, you always work on the site to give us a better experience and you're doing a damn good work!
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8 anos atrás
Leosach Born this way
Cool update ^^
8 anos atrás
aeonblue Mother Of Derp
Has the staff considered maybe implementing a spoiler tag system?
8 anos atrás
Stalking Loli hunter

The downvote doesn't appear! I can click on it, but it's invisible;
8 anos atrás
SweetIvy . . . NANI!?!
It's like reddit O_O
8 anos atrás
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