The Figurawrs Podcast - Ep10 - "The WonFes Summer 2013 Special!"The Figurawrs Podcast - Ep10 - "The WonFes Summer 2013 Special!"Misc

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The WonFes Summer 2013 Special!
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Episode 10 is the best one yet! We had a lot of fun discussing the few recent announcements this past week. We touch on Miku 2.0 and the Spider-Man figma, as well as the Heather Mason statue from Gecco shown off at San Diego Comic Con this past week. We also get to talk all about the several Dragon's Crown figures that were teased including the hotly anticipated Sorceress from Alpha Max! We then wrap up the episode by talking about our WonFes Summer 2013 predictions and set ourselves up for crushed dreams. We hope you enjoy Episode 10 of The Figurawrs Podcast!

00:00 - Opening/What's Up?
11:35 - Miku 2.0 - Vocaloid - Max Factory (ITEM #144335)
22:25 - Spider-Man figma - The Amazing Spider-Man - Good Smile Company (ITEM #117991)
32:14 - Heather Mason - Silent Hill 3 - Gecco (ITEM #163739)
40:48 - Sorceress - Dragon's Crown - Alpha Max (ITEM #165734)
46:07 - Other Dragon's Crown figure announcements!
Tiki - Vertex (ITEM #165805)
Elf - Megahouse (ITEM #165800)
Amazon - Megahouse (ITEM #165799)
Sorceress - Orchid Seed (ITEM #165760)
51:15 - Wonfes Summer 2013 Predictions
84:39 - Sign-off

Let us know what you're looking forward to and Wonder Festival and we might talk about it on the show.

Featuring the voices of OhnoRaptors, ZeroParadigm, TwilliK, and reprising his role as special guest, Citrus~!

Read more about the episode here!
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