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Suddenly: Video Games
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Episode 13 is filled with figures, Dragon’s Crown, PAX, and more. We start it off by talking about Sweet Lolita Kuroneko and her kawaii-as-fuck triangle mouth then switch over to Chun Li from Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line. Not wanting to neglect this week’s Nendos, we talk all about Makoto Naegi and Shameimaru Aya. Of course there’s no way we could get through an episode without mentioning Good Smile in some capacity, what were you thinking? Lastly, the show wraps up with some Dragon’s Crown talk that inevitably turns into video games in general. Going to PAX Prime this month? You might want to listen then!

00:00 - Opening/What's Up?
09:38 - Kuroneko Sweet Lolita Ver - Oreno - Kotobukiya (ITEM #162015)
16:21 - Bishoujo Chun-Li - Street Fighter - Kotobukiya (ITEM #87534)
23:23 - Nendoroid Makoto Naegi - Dangan Ronpa - Good Smile Company (ITEM #166124)
31:19 - Nendoroid Shameimaru Aya - Touhou Project - Good Smile Company (ITEM #144296)
40:49 - Elf (ITEM #165800) & Amazon (ITEM #165799) - Dragon's Crown - MegaHouse
45:00 - PAX/vidya game general chat
57:09 - Sign-off

Featuring the voices of OhnoRaptors, ZeroParadigm, and TwilliK.

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