GOOD SMILE COMPANY's 1/8 Black★Rock Shooter Blade VersionGOOD SMILE COMPANY's 1/8 Black★Rock Shooter Blade VersionReview

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GOOD SMILE COMPANY's 1/8 Black★Rock Shooter Blade Version


"What? Blade version?? So where's the blade we're talking about?" ~ This question might pop out of your head if you're not that familiar with this baby, well we'll get to that later. As a preview, Black★Rock Shooter started out as an illustration of HUKE (google it) then she had an OVA which disappointed tons and tons of people and then the rest was history. Enough about intros let's start with this figure.

This black blade version of her was once became the "unfavorable" PVC rendition of her. Why? people say because this one has a very "FLAT" chest, a pose nothing different than the Rock Cannon Ver., and others. I actually also thought about those things before when I didn't have her, but looking closely she also has good points to mention.

3 B's: The Base, The Boots and The Broken Sword


Above photo shows The 3 B's, first look at her boots, as for me it's beautifully made its so sexy and so black, if we'll be basing it from the original artwork of HUKE this one's close enough for me. Next thing would be the base, uh yes nothing new, a checkered pattern, dark beige (I guess?) and Black, common to BRS and BRS-Related figures. Lastly would be the Broken sword, one part is some-what placed standing on the base, and a smaller part is lying also in her base.

Another look at those beautiful boots. (I cant get enough of it! :D)


The Crumpled Jacket



Again if you're not familiar with BRS you might be asking, what's that this she's holding in her left hand? Its her jacket, her pose is supposed to depict a movement wherein she's taking of her jacket while holding her sword. I can say that the details of her jacket was nicely done, they could have also improved it a bit coz I think some would say that her jacket is not that recognizable because it's so crumpled.

a Flat front and a Cute Behind


She's flat alright! :D but I remember I heard that "Some like it that way!". Im not that disappointed with this flatness I could say, I think she's better off this way haha!


Well yeah, she might be flat to the bone in front, but her behind looks cute! :D her shorts and belt looks great also.

Up close with a flaming eye


For those again who are not familiar with BRS, her left eye possesses a blue flame whenever she power up (based on the OVA), like BANKAI in bleach I guess. In some of HUKE's illustrations she possesses this eye also, its interchageable with a normal left eye. Between the Rock Cannon version, and this one, this one outruns the Rock Cannon's flaming eye.



Her hair is beautifully done, skin tone is pale white. The gloves were nicely done and we can see her stitches :D

So here's the part we've all been waiting for,

The Black Blade


For me her beauty would not be appreciated unless you look at her this way. This Black Blade is very long, its length is almost the same as her height. Her pose really obstructs the viewer form seeing this black blade's true length but I think that's great because getting her photos from the back becomes worthy and I guess this is what I actually paid for haha the chemistry this black blade and BRS herself holds, once combined true beauty tranpsires XD.

Her hair also looks beautiful from this angle.

Other shots emphasizing the black Blade



A very beautiful black blade it is!

Over all money not wasted, GSC made a clean job with this one. Hope you liked this review of mine :D
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Ohh I didn't know that a border on the right will be present after submitting the post, Im too lazy now to change the photos haha anyways hope this review helps!
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