Queen's Blade Rebellion - Sai Nyan - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Queen's Blade Rebellion - Sai Nyan - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Review

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It's been a while I didn't post anything Queen's Blade related... Here comes a review of Sainyan from Rebellion - and I shall call Sainyan a "he" because I think this kid is a trap. So I got him on sale on HLJ, there are still some of him left, he comes bundled with a book and CD drama. Let's see if it was worth it!^^ (And sorry for the crappy pictures, my sacred sewing machine shall be the background again.)


The book and the figure box come together, and a cardboard is added, tho I don't know if it was necessary since the box is made of corrugated cardboard.


So there is the book (mostly text, but with nice illustrations of all the Rebellion characters), the CD (didn't listen to it, my japanese isn't so good anyway) and the figure box. Just like Huit who came bundled with a book, You can't see the figure and the packaging isn't so pretty, it's all white, and there is only a sheet with illustrations of the figure taped on it.


Oh well, I was expecting this, and it does the job keeping this figure safe.


He came protected by a lot of plastic sheets between him and his clothes, and those metal ropes to keep everything in place. So while being unpretty, the packaging keeps the figure safe and comes with nice bonuses, so I give 8/10.


Well, let's make a tour!





Overall he looks good. I just love the floating sleeves, and the details in his hair, those are the best points in this category. There are also nice details on his socks and accessories.

The main problem is: fixing his clothes. Not a complete peg fail like Vingt, but still, it's very hard to put his clothes on. It's made of soft plastic, and it separates in two parts: front and back. You have to remove his head to (un)dress him, and then put or remove the two parts. Problem is, the pegs just don't seem to fit (for that, I used a needle to make them a little bigger, to remove the little excess material), or don't align so well (that could be solved, but it took quite some time and I thought I would need another pair of hands...)

Other little complain, less important, but I just don't like the way he looks without his bag. His belly looks big and wierd because of the pose and the clothing.


Making is clothing a little less tight around is hips would have made this better...

Also you can notice one of his leg isn't assembled properly, as there is a small gap between his sock and his leg. This isn't a sculpting issue so per say, more an assembling issue, so I won't count this in the score, and it's probably not in all Sainyan figures, but I had to point it anyway.

I give 6/10 to the sculpting, the "just okay not to fail" score to me. The peg fail really makes this part drop, because otherwise there is nothing to complain, but nothing amazing too...


This part is very good, I don't see any sloppy lines, everything looks clear and nice, the transition between socks and shoes and legs, the red lines of his coat, it's all good. I like the little glossy effect of his clothes, that makes them look more chinese. There could have been some shading on his clothes, but I don't think it's really necessary. The decals on his face were applied with precision.

9/10, there's nothing very hard to paint here, but it was well done to me.



I must say, I'm not a big fan of this pose. I like Queen's Blade figures because they're all strong and confident women, but Sainyan doesn't look like that at all. He looks shy, troubled and on the edge of tears, and his kneeling doesn't help making him look strong. The fact it's a "he" helps me a bit with this - if he's a trap, then he doesn't have to be a strong "woman"! ^^; And I would be shy enough if my big sister would dress me like that and make me fight in this big tournament in a far away country...

But this pose has good points too, like the floating sleeves and his clothing in general. I'm sure he looks better with Tarnyan, I have to get her as soon as possible... XD

Anyway, I give it 7/10, it fits the character and his expression, while not being what I like in figures in general, doesn't seem strange or anything.



Transparent plastic base with Queen's Blade Rebellion logo on it. He doesn't need anything to stand on his knees, so nothing provided here. You can pose him without the base but I prefer to have a base, and it does the job, it's not so big or anything. 7/10

Trap or not?

Here come the NSFW pictures you were waiting for!

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/944324P1010006.jpg




He looks cute with his bag...^^

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/249496P1010011.jpg

Now the last picture, a full front, and the one that leads to debate:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://img4.hostingpics.net/pics/223389P1010010.jpg

There is something in those panties. Not too big, but it's definitely not shaped like a female's. BUT there is some roundness on the chest part. Undevelopped boobs, or is he only cold and needs some pec training there? And there is this illustration in his book: danbooru.donmai...- he's the only one to get his nipples shown in the whole series. Probably meaning that there is no "harm" showing them, because... he's male!

Well, the mystery remains, they certainly made this figure as androgynous as possible to keep the mystery up until *prays* a Queen's Blade Rebellion anime, but he's definitely fishy and I'll consider him as a trap until a final official answer.


Considering it's been a while I couldn't get my hands on a QB figure, that he came with a nice book, that it's also a trap and that I got him for a very nice price, I couldn't be happier. 9/10, he's not my favorite in my QB collection, but I'll try to get Tarnyan as soon as possible so he won't get lonely. People who like (cast-off) traps, chinese clothing and troubled expressions should consider him.
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Sainyan is certainly a mystery, because that duo are actually twins, and Sai is described as the younger [sister]. They are even officially the same height ;; But if they were twins, surely the difference in breast size wouldn't be THAT big right? I really hope the Rebellion anime will be made eventually so we can find out XD

Anyway, nice review!
9 anos atrás
For me he is a boy too, that's why I wanted him so much xD <3
9 anos atrás
djjoshhenriquezHe? lol you keep refering to her as HIM! I think is a she hahah :P
I know how you feel, but wishful thinking doesn't always work.
9 anos atrás
Nice review. I'll definetly be looking for him when I visit Japan next week.
9 anos atrás
djjoshhenriquezHe? lol you keep refering to her as HIM! I think is a she hahah :P

... *sigh*
9 anos atrás
He? lol you keep refering to her as HIM! I think is a she hahah :P
9 anos atrás
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