my short trip to japan and my collection so farmy short trip to japan and my collection so farDiary

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So today i decided to make my first post here

I just come back from japan tour this month(6-12) with my family.
not much to say except it's quite hot there because it's summer in japan and i don't enjoy it too much because we only visit some temple,disney sea, disney land and universal studio(in osaka)
at least i got time to go to odaiba to see 1:1 gundam and yes i love gundam ^^
and i got some ichiban kuji goods and also i bought 2 album (yanagi nagi 1st album and spyair new album)
so i decided to go to japan again with my friends after we graduated from collage

so move on to my collection
the first figure that i have is ITEM #29081 that i got from blazblue continuum shift collector ed in 2010 and then i bought ITEM #42028 and ITEM #59217 in 2011
after that i started to buy gundam model kit
then i bought my first scaled figure ITEM #5769 on september last year
after started buying figures i ended up sold some of my ps3 games collection and gundam model kit
and this is my collection so far until today
now i decided to stop buying gundam model kit and start saving my money for my future figures and a ps4 for next year
and yes i really need to buy a display cabinet to display them but i think i will display them at home ( i currently not live in my home cuz i study in another city)
i usually just take the figures out of the box every month for a few minutes of fresh air

i think that's all.
thanks for reading my diary and i hope all MFC members have a good day
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