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  • ITEM #464650

    Initial prototype (ITEM #198536) came out five years ago. After a slew of no-show-at-events and other Jeanne figures, I was convinced this was never coming out of development hell until Max Factory's updated teaser 2 years ago. Welcomed her into my collection late last year, so that's 4 years of waiting. :) I fell in love with the pose right away, double-taked at the new face sculpt but it wasn't a dealbreaker. I knew I needed her the moment I saw her.
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    I got ITEM #50 last year, after I missed her the first time I saw her 2 years ago. Got her for almost double the price I originally saw, but she's the perfect Taiga figure for me so I had to have her. First time I ordered anything B+ on Amiami, so I was pleasantly surprised when she arrived technically brand new. She's always sold out every time, so I had to get her when she was available.
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    ITEM #27602

    Got her after 6 years of waiting!
    I've started collecting figures about a year after the first release and the prices were already very high (especially for a beginner). Later it got only worse, to the point she cost over 30k yen. When GSC announced re-release I was overjoyed! :)
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    ITEM #235348

    Couldn't afford it on release, aftermarket came and made it annoying. Eventually was able to buy it from a very kind MFC user. Original release: 11/26/2014. Finally came home: 9/28/2017. So almost 3 years not counting when it would've first been announced, which would've been 7/2014.

    At the rate ITEM #455091 is taking to go up for orders, it might beat that record just going from announcement time to actual release.
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    ITEM #29053 I wanted this particular color variant, which never seemed to be available for a reasonable price, but alas I found him for an incredible deal. 5 months wait (new to collecting)

    However I've been waiting forever since the announcement and after pre-ordering for ITEM #638638 to be released and shipped 8-9 months to date I think.
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    Jenthehen Otaku at Law
    It's gonna be all these GSC figures I've ordered with release dates well into 2020 ... especially when they inevitably delay several times!
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    been waiting for over 3 years for ITEM #141311
    fruitless hope, but she's not labeled as cancelled so i can still hope.
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