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  • BlazeDazzleDusk5 meses atrás#77133795snip
    Thank you! Ugh, I know right... my first ever breakage. Plus, the fact she'd only been out of the box for a couple of days just added insult to injury.

    Yup, he's totally worth eating 6 months of cup noodles for! <3
    5 meses atrás
    LemonMIntCat5 meses atrás#77133209snip
    It is, I'm looking forward to it. (* ^ ω ^)

    Wouldn't be the first time I've heard that comment about her! She's stuck in lockdown too currently, to stop her ambling off to visit my elderly neighbours... haha
    5 meses atrás
    AlienEmoji5 meses atrás#77116335snip
    My JoJo collection grew exponentially last year too, after I decided I was no longer going to stick to collecting just SAS figures. It was all downhill (for my fiances anyway) from there... lmao

    Yesss! And since they come in sets of 3, they should do one with Jotaro/Joseph/DIO and one with Kak/Pol/Avdol.

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if I got a defective Diavolo. He does look fine from a distance tho.

    Dunno if the Ryuk figure is based on any official art - I did try to search, but couldn't find anything.

    Thanks! I'm on the look out for more clear files, particularly the limited edition and exhibition ones. Was totally gonna get a storage folder from AmiAmi with my last order, but I forgot to put it in, and now there's no shipping for the foreseeable future... oof.

    I fixed Azusa, the join isn't too noticeable unless I'm inspecting it closely, but it's enough to bug me. I've already decided if I can score another one for no more than 5k yen, I'd get it and give the broken one to my brother. He was on board with that idea... mainly because he's a cheapskate and never passes up a free figure.

    YAHHHHH I GOT JOSUKE!! I'll be glad when I get my Detolfs set up; it's only been a couple of weeks, but his dark clothing attracts dust like crazy.

    Weren't trying to respond, but took the bait anyway... lmao

    I know right, I actually thought of that dreadful pink Kakyoin when I saw this badge was green.

    Haha... thanks, I'm glad someone liked my lame GIF!
    5 meses atrás
    Amazing loot! Especially that Sakura Nendoroid and the K-On figure but that’s really sad about what happened to Azusa. ): The designs on those Iruma-kun keychains are very nice too. That’s great that you got one of your grails too, I’m sure he is worth eating tons of cup noodles. XD
    5 meses atrás
    dandybaby5 meses atrás#77114533Thanks!
    I'm loving Iruma-kun; would like some more merch in future, but there isn't a whole lot available yet.
    Haha, beautiful and she knows it. She's charmed every single person she has ever met... lmao
    I think Iruma-kun will get a second season in Spring 21. Also she sounds like quite the little lady, enjoy your unplanned additional time together!
    5 meses atrás
    2019 was also a big spending year for me when it comes to figures, my entire jojo collection grew in that year lmao. I'm def spending less this year as well, but partially because there aren't as many figures that I want anymore since I already got most of them. Def looking to buy Jojolion Josuke Statue Legend once I can afford to spend money again tho.

    I wish p3 got plushies in this style I'd love a DIO and Kakyoin ones...
    im not a fan of the plushie style they got ITEM #473883 like yeah it's bigger but it's not nearly as cute as the Tomonui ones u_u

    Ah, the regrettable Bruno nendoroid.. im still bitter about that one lmao everything else about the nendo looks so lovely but the SMILE, come ON!!

    That Diavolo is looking a bit rough, I feel like you might have gotten a somewhat defect version? Like, the painting of his lingerie is clearly off the sculpt..
    Still a beautiful figure if you don't look too close though! I'm also not the biggest fan of Diavolo as a character, but man do I dig his design so so much.

    The skull base design on Ryuk puzzles me a bit, is it based on any official artwork or something like that? Like, that looks very purposefully very vague with the odd specific detail of the weird patch on one eye, just all round a weird choice imo

    The keychains you got are super cute!! I love how the characters are framed in them

    Nice clear file collection too!
    I really want some kind of art of Jojo to put on my jojo display but none of my favourite pieces have a poster or a clear file and i'm too picky about art to settle for anything else lmao

    I'm really sorry to see what happened to poor azu-nyan!! ;;
    Can it be fixed?
    this same figure was the first and only figure i broke as well x_x (or rather, my cat)

    I'm not trying to respond to your invitation to mutual combat or anything but his eyebrows are very nice and decent. They are good strong eyebrows. Very neat and clean and safe. Fine if you're into that sort of thing I guess. NOW DIO'S EYEBROWS--

    Those badges understood that Kakyoin should have a green background.. still sad the pretty ones I was looking at gave him a pink one, i hated it so much i passed and only bought DIO instead, i feel like i let my son down, but so did the manufacturers who decided to settle on pink.....

    I just recently finally read Rohan ad the Louvre, it's def a good short read and looks fantastic!

    This was a fun loot post to go through, again im REALLY happy you finally got your Josuke!! Congrats man! <:
    PS I love the gif you made lmao
    5 meses atrás
    LemonMIntCat5 meses atrás#77113790snip

    I'm loving Iruma-kun; would like some more merch in future, but there isn't a whole lot available yet.

    Haha, beautiful and she knows it. She's charmed every single person she has ever met... lmao
    5 meses atrás
    evenstar885 meses atrás#77113714snip
    Good to hear... and thank you for saying that!
    I'm overly conscious of the fact I tend to ramble, many other loot posts are relatively short in comparison. (>_<)
    And thanks! She's my precious girl <3
    5 meses atrás
    Nice haul, great to see some Iruma-kun merch, I just saw it recently and its a diamond in the rough, but certainly enjoyable! Also your cat is very beautiful (and def. the best package!).
    5 meses atrás
    I read till the end, it was a great loot post. Thanks for sharing and that's a lovely furbaby you have there :)
    5 meses atrás
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