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  • When I was like 11 I started actually watching Pokemon and enjoyed it, but one day I saw a video on YouTube about Black Butler and that's what really pushed me to start watching anime.
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    The final push for me to start watching anime in 2020 [url=]www.youtube.com...[/url]

    It speaks for itself that NGE was the first anime and i enjoyed it a lot.

    Next followed Girls und Panzer and Demon Slayer. After that Attack on Titan and Steins;Gate and so it went. More and more, eventually resulting in buying figures and merch.
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    Rajke Ca Fanatic
    In the 90’s we had series on television like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mon Colle Knights, Shinzo etc. (There where a lot of animeseries that period). So the Japanese drawing style was already normal at that point.
    After that I was brought back to anime by a replica of the sword Sode No Shirayuka. I bought this replica on a Keltic fair. At that moment I knew nothing about the sword or the serie and it was my brother that recommended to watch Bleach.
    So I started watching that serie and I tried some other series too. The first serie that I finished was Guri Guri which I liked and from that point I stepped in anime heaven/hell (depends on how you read it).
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    Been watching anime for as long as I can remember, all my friends and family watched anime, so I just grew up with it. Idk what my first series was, probably Dragon Ball. First Ecchi would be between Karin, Mahou Sensei Negima!, or Rosario Vampire. I believe Fruits Basket was the first manga series I read, and that was because I wanted to know what happened after the anime, even though I already knew how it ended since I asked my friend to tell me.
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    when i was 12 i had a friend who insisted that i should watch fruits basket (the 2001 version) which i thought was cute but not spectacular to me. she then made me watch fairy tail, which did absolutely drag me in. i spent a few years obsessed with anime and got into cosplay too but after the first season of aot and free ended i kinda lost interest.
    i got back into it just recently in december 2020. i was going through a rough time and i started missing watching anime and picked it up again, starting with madoka magica.
    i found manga intimidating as a kid so i only read manga if i had already seen the anime (death note, mirai nikki, fairy tail). my recent reintroduction to manga was with junji ito's works!
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    It was because of porrn. Back when I was 15 in mid 2015, a few weeks after the semester started. I was looking for some "research" materials, being a horrndog as I was. Then, I came across "High School of the Dead". At first, I had no idea what a "cartoon" about zombies was doing in a website such as this. It was an obscure porrn website since I had to go around the country's internet provider's censorship, and using a VPN would slow down the already sluggish speed. 5 minutes watching a random episode with foreign language subtitles that I did not understand, but the scene was f-ing hot, so I decided to look it up elsewhere. By the way, I have not experienced "a taste of paradise" yet. What I am saying is that I had never fappedd at that age. So, I was watching porrn while not rubbing my meat. I was a very late bloomer. Getting a bit sidetracked here, my first go to place was YouTube, and I found what I was looking for, but they were all English dubbed. Well, at least I could somewhat understand what they were saying. I confused "psycho" as the main character "Saeko" at that time.

    After finishing that "cartoon", I talked with a few friends if they knew a show with the same title. They told me that they watch that kind of "cartoons" on certain websites. gogoanime, kissanime, anilinkz, etc. Started do do some research (a real one) about similar animes like HoTD. I found DxD, Testament (the same one as OP), Trinity 7, and so on through MyAnimeList. Essentially, they were all ecchis. Then somehow, I got into Fate series, turned into a weeb, and lost a life. By the way, my first manga was Fate/Strange Fake. I am not much of a reader when it comes to leisure times.

    Y'all take care now!
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    When I was a real young kid I watched the old Godzilla movies. It was my favorite thing. I can't help but feel that's related.
    Then came pokemon, dragon ball z, Gundam wing, zoids. At the time I didn't even know what anime was I just knew they were cool shows that my friends and I all liked. And pokemon was more than just a show it was like a generational event, the millennial's Woodstock except everywhere all the time.
    Toonami was where I got everything so I assume a lot of people had similar experiences. Ghost in the Shell, Lupin the 3rd, Trigun, Hamtaro, Inyuyasha, also Miyazaki films.
    I largely fell out of it in middle and high school. Ghost in the Shell SAC is the only show that has kept my interest throughout my life.
    I picked anime up again later in life mostly out of disappointment at other forms of media/entertainment. I was browsing Crackle and stumbled across Queen's Blade. Absolutely atrocious story IMO, but I liked the animation ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . Thus was born my interest in ecchi.
    That got me looking for better ecchi that was not painful to watch, and eventually I started watching other anime as I explored the genre.
    I'm not a big hentai fan. I actually discover hentai through figures and not the other way around.
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    I started watching and liking anime before I knew what it was. I learned what anime is when Pokemon came out.

    Due to some stuff that happened in my life I know that I’ve been watching anime before I was 5.

    I don’t know what drew me to it.

    I’m in my 30s so the 1st few anime I watched were Speed Racer, Astro Boy, Blinky Koala (Noozles), Samurai Pizza Cats, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball.
    Speed Racer or Blinky the Koala were probably my first.

    I don’t like Hentai, I’ve seen a random scene or two but that’s it. I prefer the real thing.

    Ecchi? Tenchi Muyo or DearS if that counts?

    My 1rst manga was either Sailor Moon or Pokémon Electric Tale of Pikachu.
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    I actually stumbled across pirated anime on YouTube, specifically someone who was uploading the Rosario + Vampire dub and really enjoyed the show. Then I looked for more and fell into the rabbit hole.
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    It’s been so long, I dunno how maybe through message boards(like on neopets) online when I was around 7 I came across anime and was interested in what it was then I was hooked, at least that’s what I remember(funny thing I knew about manga first, but never did I think they turned it into animated television shows)
    And I have to say, the first gundam seed in 2002 was one of the first series I watched, I was really intrigued by the robots when I was younger haha)
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