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Has shipping started to get slower in anticipation of holiday?Comentários • Has shipping started to get slower in anticipation of holiday?

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    I haven’t noticed anything from my personal packages yet.
    But, I can give you my perspective as someone who works at Fedex. The holiday rush is going to start affecting my work schedule within the next week. At the location I work at, next week starts the holiday schedule where we start having extra shifts, extra hours, planes on days we normally don’t get one in, and extra planes on regular day. I don’t know if this’ll effect shipping speeds, but for me things are going to start getting a whole lot more hectic/exhausting until New Years OTL
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    I ordered something from AmiAmi not too long ago and it still came in the 14 days I always estimate for small packet. A day early, actually.
    I live in the US so even during peak times everyone kind of expects a rush so everyone hires extra staff to where I don't really notice a change in shipping times around my area. I'm sure it's different in more populous areas, though.
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    When it starts and how long it stretches depends on how long where place you live and/or buy, what kind of holidays or sales they have (i.e. Black Friday sales, Singles Day sales etc). 1-2 weeks before and after the actual holiday itself is the slowest. Everywhere would be flooded with orders and parcels that need to be sent.

    If you need your parcel urgently and don't want it to be caught in delays, go for EMS or any other express/priority shipping option that is available.
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