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  • Thank you all for your nice comments! I'm glad this has been helpful to some of you ^-^

    @ dethblud: I'm aware of GSC nice customer service, I had an issue with a Racing Miku 2012 nendo picture/367503&... and they sent me spare parts for what I needed (maybe I shall write about it too... though this was months ago also...) but at the time I got Pastel Ink, I thought this didn't applied to joints, as they have fixing tutorials... but later I saw that they also send joints, though Pastel Ink is an older nendo compared to Yamada, I don't think its a problem for GSC sending joints as those are pretty standard, but right now it wouldn't be a good idea asking as they are having a lot of trouble with the Snow Miku situation and as far as I know they aren't answering mails like before due to this, thanks for the advice though, maybe later it would be fine^-^
    8 anos atrás
    Shinigamiyoko heart reinforce
    Nice tutorial! I'll keep this in mind when I finally do end up breaking a joint.
    8 anos atrás
    My Nendoroid Yamada came with a broken joint like on your Pastel Ink. Good Smile was nice enough to send me a replacement joint and the face it was stuck in. That just arrived the other day and my Nendo is back to full awesomeness.

    If GSC hadn't sent me a replacement, I would have been trying your methods.
    8 anos atrás
    thanks for your clear tutorial,
    now i'm gonna be able to fix my broken nagato joint
    8 anos atrás
    Thanks for this tutorial, i tried the mikatan way to pull out the joint, but it doesn't work, i'm gonna try your way~~
    8 anos atrás
    Stalking Loli hunter
    Muy buen tuto! Algo que me sorprende es como GSC todavía no vende cuellos de nendoroid de repuesto, nos ahorraría mucho trabajo. Articulaciones de Nendo y de figma vendrían de maravilla ):
    8 anos atrás
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