Comentários Finally content w/ collection~ peace feels so good!

  • You have a very lovely collection - my eyes were immediately drawn to the left due to the nature of Miku's colours XD
    4 meses atrás
    jumpluff Pegasus Knight
    Got nearly all the Madoka figures I realistically dreamed of. If I owned a mansion, maybe I'd want to branch out, but I'm happy there.

    There are still some CCS things I'd want, plus some new releases I can see myself wanting, and maybe a few CLAMP figures.
    4 meses atrás
    Very neat and awesome looking collection :)! Especially love the Noble team hanging out there on the right :D!
    4 meses atrás
    MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
    It's great that you're satisfied with your collection. It looks great! As for me, I'm nowhere near a world record yet, so I'm not satisfied lol.

    In all seriousness, I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt. I have multiple grails on order that I recently tracked down after long periods of hunting, and it's only driven home for me that the hunt is one of my favorite parts of collecting. It's not a matter of "being satisfied with what I have." I enjoy searching out new items, as well as rearranging my collection as more arrives and making it look better and better as new themes become available due to quantity of items. I'm getting more into different types of model building, as well as customization, and these are itches that aren't scratched by "being satisfied with what I have;" in order to build more models, I need to purchase more.

    On top of that, I really love the figures that I have, but I feel that there are so many that I still want. The evolution of my collection brings me so much joy! Three years ago, it was primarily Nendoroids and prize figures. These days there are a lot more scales than before, so the overall quality average has increased, and I've also begun adding much more unique items. Additionally, I'm always watching new anime and reading new manga that open up additional options for collections (I try not to buy figures from series I haven't consumed; OCs are fine, though).

    Basically the act of collecting is a major part of the fun for me. I don't know if I'll grow tired of it someday since I've been this way most of my life, but for now I'm having a fantastic time! The amount of enjoyment I get from collecting is immeasurable!
    4 meses atrás
    So, where are you with your collection now? Where do you want to be, or what is stopping for from feeling content with everything you own?

    That's a good feeling to have, been at that point several times with my collection and after culling a lot from this collection I'm approaching that feeling once again.

    Cleaning out the unwanted figures and I'm happy that the ones I am getting rid of are going to a younger collector who's playing with the Action Figures I'm getting rid of and just started getting rid of Anime figures today so things are getting to where I'm content to a point that there is no real need for more figures to be added to this collection.
    4 meses atrás
    That was me for a while. I had attained most of the figures for what I collect and the company was simply not really making them as much as they used to so I was winding down. Then some months ago I discovered a new game; the unlicensed resin statue game. It opened a whole new door and brought me to the next level of my collection. I realized I had been missing out all of this time. They're bigger, better and frankly they give me what the official licensing companies simply aren't.
    4 meses atrás
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