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favorite character ???

  • 29%Ryuko Matoi.
  • 31%Satsuki Kiryuin.
  • 13%Mako Mankanshoku.
  • 3%Aikuro Mikisugi.
  • 3%Ira Gamagoori.
  • 3%Uzu Sanageyama.
  • 3%Houka Inumuta.
  • 10%Nonon Jakuzure.
  • 1%Senketsu.
  • 1%Tsumugu Kinagase.
  • 1%Guts.
  • 2%Nui Harime
  • 1%Ragyo Kiryuin
  • 120 votosVotos são públicos

Comentários79 comentários

Hey guys!

I'm selling a bunch of BNIB and factory new KLK figures, limited edition Blu-Rays and other misc on my eBay, worth checking out!

If you're a MFC buyer inbox me and we can work out some deals :)


(Admin remove please if this isn't allowed)
25 dias atrás
Can someone add my article BLOG #34085 into the related articles please? I tried to add it myself but for some reason I couldn't seem to, I'm not sure if the group search function for related clubs is working or not.
1 ano atrás
Club revivido >_<
2 anos atrás
Why is there only 1 scale figure of Matoi Ryuuko in her normal godrobe?? I really want one but the only one in existence I find too expensive :(
2 anos atrás
Disco Milf Ragyo sculpture when.
3 anos atrás
WOW RockGodItachi >_< NICE JOP!!! Excelent unboxing ^_^
3 anos atrás
My unboxing for the Satsuki figma: ^^
3 anos atrás
Spoke to Mamitan (GSC) at comicon about having the KLK figures re-released and a Mako figma made. She said if I made a post on GSC's facebook page and it got 50+ likes she'd send it to GSC (apparently GSC takes it to heart more than direct requests or petitions).

Go like it please if you want more figures!
3 anos atrás
exoverdue (3 anos atrás) #3635288Figma ryuko and satsuki or nendoroid ryuko and satsuki???

Good question... It really comes down to which type of figure you like better.

I personally went with the Figmas! I think the nendoroids are awesome, but the Figmas really bring the characters alive. Feels more like you own a piece of the anime.
3 anos atrás
The ova felt rushed. Or is it just me?
3 anos atrás
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.



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