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Seishoujo FTWSeishoujo FTW

Seishoujo FTW
Welcome To 聖少女Seishoujo FTW!

If your a fan of his art or a fan of his series this is a place to talk about the awesomeness of Seishoujo!

聖少女Seishoujo (meaning Holy girl) is mainly known for creating the series Bible Black but he has done other work too. His work mainly involves an intriguing story line coupled with extremely sexy characters and lots of erotic imagery.

Almost all of his titles have been named after Rock/Metal music songs/Albums. He's a big fan of the band King Crimson. He loves to push the boundaries with his work showing extremely explicit scenes which are not for the faint of heart!

If your into more extreme hentai and and can stomach some of the more 'graphic' nature of his work then Seishoujo's series are for you!
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The main man himself!


Great Deceiver
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Still now the deeds of lust are reigning even more deeply Mamiya Marie.
The place she has appeared in is the super gorgeous fitness club called "Royal Family Fitness Club" that her Mamiya Zaibatsu and the Sugimoto Pharmacy are managing in cooperation.
Marie, as her personal trainer, has designated not men with built up bodies but the protagonist who has got a normal body.
And so, an obscene and sweet training pursuing the beauty begins.(source VNDB)
Released July 2019
Censored, not translated.

Empress Energy Ecstasy
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This is an online card battling game using the Empress ladies to battle monsters. It features characters from Starless, DominancE, Lewdness, Closed GAME and Potential Ability.
Seems to be about a male protagonist who is able to awaken a special ability in the women known as 'Ability Burst' to vanquish the monsters.
By playing the game and wining battles you unlock CG and full length scenes from the series complete with voice overs.
The game is available now in Japanese and can be played by signing up to DMM. Does not have an English version.
The site: www.dmm.co.jp/n...

Closed GAME
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Available now censored.

The disparity between the rich and the poor is omnipresent and the Earth's natural resources have long been exhausted.
This ruined land is overflowing with those who beg for blessings from the heavens.
But no matter how hard they pray, the hand of salvation shall never come.
That is the one truth of the land God forsook.

However, there are those in this world who would lend a hand in place of God.

In the heavens there is a land known "Caelum Urbs", the City of the Sky.
Those who live there are called the "Heavenly Beings".

Unlike those who dwell on Earth, those in Caelum Urbs have anything and everything.
Due to advances in medicine, they live without even the concept of death.
Those on Earth desire to live in the heavens, and worship those who do.

"Opportunity is something that falls from the heavens..."

-- Opportunity.
There is a rumor whispered among those who speak of the heavens.

It describes a game in Caelum Urbs called the "Closed Game", where the survivors of that game can become Heavenly Beings...

Those on Earth are once again waiting. Waiting for that which falls from the heavens.
Decide your destiny.

How Closed GAME works:
- At least one person has to find and reach the safety zone in one of the 4 fields before sundown. If he or she is successful, that day is considered SAFE.
- If no one finds the safety zone, one of the 4 fields gets purged towards Earth, including anyone in it.
- Whoever reaches the safety zone on the 4th day can join Heaven. It seems like more than 1 person can win.
Translation provided by Murderousint. Thanks!

Official site:

Trial Play Movie:

Trial Play Movie 2:

Trial Play Movie 3:

Trial Play Movie 4:

Link to 2nd PV video:

Closed GAME Opening Movie:

Opening Theme:

ITEM #303478

P/A Potential Ability:
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A Futuristic story about the latent abilities of mankind. Five percent of the world have them and they are known as 'potential abilities'. School Academies are built to control these abilities and mold the students into roles for society such as politicians etc.
Not translated.

Opening video: video.fc2.com/a...
P/A Potential Ability Website:
ITEM #262304

Seishoujo Collection Box
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Includes Lewdness and Starless.
ITEM #168634

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Set in space, Makoto Hibino is forced under law to join the army. He is sent to the 'thrown away shogi pieces unit' to train on an uninhabited planet. He steps on a landmine and finds himself stuck in a hole unable to escape. Waiting for his slow death he is rescued by a spaceship. Upon waking up he finds things aren't what they seem and unspeakable acts are being performed on the ship.
Not translated.

DominancE diffusion Movie:

DominancE play:
Play 2: video.fc2.com/a...
Play 3:
Play 4:

DominancE website:
ITEM #168633

Lewdness ~Vita Sexualis~(ルードネス)
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In the middle of this century politicians have banned all sexual activity unless it's for reproductive reasons as the birth rate is declining. A facility the 'Seiren Gakuen' is constructed to house all offenders who broke this law. Himeno Yuria violated this law and is sent to the facility. What lays in store for her in this prison?
Not translated.

Lewdness promo video:

Lewdness ~Vita Sexualis~ Website: www.will-game.c...

ITEM #168631

Starless 21st Century Nymphomaniacs(スターレス)
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Sawatari Yukito lands a part time summer job working as a live in servant at a mansion. He starts his work as a 'handy man' not knowing that he and other servants will be catering to the every whim of the houses occupants including the well endowed and devilish Marie Mamiya!
English uncensored translated version available to buy here:

Starless Website: www.will-game.c...
ITEM #153800
ITEM #153799

Discipline LS
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A sequel game to the original Discipline. It was made using his artwork but he was not involved with the project itself.
Leona Morimotto has returned to school and has only one purpose... ...to make many people her sex slaves! Will she ever be satisfied?

ITEM #303564

Discipline - The Record of A Crusade - (ディシプリン)
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Hayami transfers to the previously all-girl university of St. Arcadia, and his once-normal life immediately takes troublesome turn. After his innocence is stripped away by strange dorm mates, a nagging two-faced friend, a nymphomaniac teacher and several corrupted sports clubs he fears that things can't get any worse. That is, until he meets the sadistic heiress Leona Morimoto...
English translated uncensored version available.
ITEM #262435

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Yuuto Toudou and Erika Toudou begin living together after their father is transferred due to his job. Although they are not blood related siblings tension rises between them and they begin a sexual relationship. Yuuto's art teacher Sayaka Ichinose notices Yuuto's strange behavior and takes an interest in what's happening with the pair.
English translated uncensored version available.

Cleavage Website: www.will-game.c...
ITEM #168630

Heartwork Symphony Of Destruction(ハートワーク)
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Yuu Asakura was a mild mannered student, however after a mix up with his briefcase on the way to school he finds himself in possession of a video tape, upon playing the tape he finds out that the briefcase belonged to an assassin known as the 'Hunter' and also the case holds a handgun which keeps calling to him.
English translated uncensored version available.

ITEM #303563
ITEM #303561

Bible Black The Game II (Infection)
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A sequel to the original Bible Black game.
After the events of Bible Black things go back to normal for Minase. However he starts having demonic nightmares that someone is using the Black Bible once again and making the scenes from past events reoccur.
English translated uncensored version available.
ITEM #262428

Bible Black The Game(バイブルブラック)
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A legend is being spread around campus that several years ago on walpurgis night students of a cult club held a demon summoning ritual by trying to perform a human sacrifice and died. In the present day Taki Minase a mild mannered student finds the Black Bible in the school basement and begins to think the legend is true. After he finds the book he realizes that Walpurgis night is drawing nearer and the event of the past could happen again as he finds himself thrown into acts of debauchery by other members of the school.
English translated uncensored version available.

ITEM #262427

Angel Halo (エンジェル・ハイロウ) (They Spend In Heaven, Sin In Hell)
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Kusukabe Makoto is living a normal school life without knowing that he is the reincarnation of Lucifer. He is visited by an angel called Sofia and a demon named lilith who tell him that that Lucifer's judgement is approaching.
Not translated.

GunBlaze (ガンブレイズ) + GunBlaze S
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GunBlaze is a game that was released in 1994 and is not well known outside of Japan. The original had scenes of nudity but it was later released on the Sega Saturn titled GunBlaze S with the nudity removed.

Set in London it follows a detective who saves a a girl from being attacked by thugs. After saving her he finds out she is being hunted by a strange organization.
Not translated.

Empress Official Website



Like most visual novels in Japan Sei's work has been adapted into animation the most recent being Starless. The shows are really popular so it wouldn't surprise me if Lewdness, DominancE and Potential Ability get adapted too! The only problem with these adaptations is like all adaptations things are changed or added and don't fully stay close to the raw material, so I advise playing the VN'S first if you can.

Starless 21st Century Nymphomaniacs (スターレス)
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4 episodes

Discipline The Record Of A Crusade (ディシプリン)
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6 episodes
Discipline The Record Of A Crusade Zero
2 episodes

Cleavage (クレイヴィジ)
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2 episodes

Heartwork Symphony Of Destruction (ハートワーク)
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3 episodes

Bible Black The Live Action Movie
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On 11th September 2011 a Bible Black Live Action movie was announced. For more info/screenshots check out this website:
For the trailer check out this website:

Bible Black New Testament

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6 episodes

Bible Black Gaiden (Origins)
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2 episodes

Bible Black Only
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2 episodes although there is an episode which was a special OVA titled Imari Rape Scene

Bible Black (バイブルブラック)
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6 episodes

Seishoujo On My Anime List:
Seishoujo On Anime News Network:
DominancE FTL by MurderousInt
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One Volume of Cleavage
Discipline colour Manga based on the Hentai (no available pics)

Other Contributed Works
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Sei does contribute to other peoples work from time to time, here is what he's contributed to so far:
Tamago Ryouri (たまご料理) (No pics)
Shin Irekae Tamashi (新入れかえ魂) (No pics)
Men's YOUNG Special IKAZUCHI (メンズヤングスペシャル雷) (No pics)
Mahjong Fantastic Art Collection (麻雀幻想曲)


More infoless info
As Sei's work is really popular a lot of his characters and series have been turned into different merchandise including dakimakura covers, art books, figures and more!!

Great Deceiver:
ENTRY #184351

Closed GAME:

P/A Potential Ability:


Lewdness ~ Vita Sexualis ~ (ルードネス):

Starless 21st Century Nymphomaniacs (スターレス):

Discipline - The Record of A Crusade - (ディシプリン):

Cleavage (クレイヴィジ):

Heartwork Symphony Of Destruction (ハートワーク)

Bible Black (バイブルブラック)

Art Books
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Current available art books:

Closed GAME
ITEM #364913
Closed GAME The Line Of The Beginning Art

P/A Potential Ability
ITEM #263249
P/A Preliminary Art Rough Book Of Paintings

ITEM #237056

Lewdness ~Vita Sexualis~
ITEM #137263

Starless 21st Century Nymphomaniacs
ITEM #153798
Doujinshi Hic Domus Dei Est Et Porta Coeli

ITEM #80217
Cover Art Book


Bible Black
ITEM #95923
ITEM #43797

Angel Halo
ITEM #539848

Merchandise Coming In The Future
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Great Deceiver Yuki Makise Dakimarua Cover
ITEM #953508

Great Deceiver Yuki Makise Dakimakura Cover Fetish Version
ITEM #953509
Great Deceiver Yuki Makise Big B1 Tapestry
ITEM #953498

Great Deceiver Marie Mamiya Dakimakura Cover
ITEM #953503
Great Deceiver Marie Mamiya Dakimakura Cover Fetish Version
ITEM #953507
Great Deceiver Marie Mamiya Big B1 Tapestry
ITEM #953489

The Art Of Starless - Seishoujo Artworks, hardback cover art book
Pre-order here: www.jlist.com/j...

New Line Starless Mitarai Yuuna figure?
ITEM #916292
The reason for the question mark is it is unclear whether this will be mass produced or if it was a Winter Won fes exclusive that was limited to 20, details are sketchy at best, fingers crossed she gets a mass release!

Nihon Joshikousei Zukan
More infoLess info
Nihon Joshikousei Zukan (High School Girls Encyclopedia) is a series of merch of original characters done by various different artists. Sei started contributing to this series in 2017. He started with a four character series based on a band but has also continued to add new characters periodically.

Emiru Sagano - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Saotome Tsugumi - Bass

Nibugawa Honoka - Lead Guitar

Tokiwa Ruri - Drums

Other Characters:

Ibuki Aika - Ribbon Dancer

Kuze Arisu - Head Of The Bowling Club

Not By Seishoujo!
There are 2 titles I can find which use the name Seishoujo. Like me you may think these are by Seishoujo himself however these have nothing to do with him or Empress.
Seisyoujo Kantai Virgin Fleet
The name on the game is this 'Seisyoujo' however a lot of websites list it as Seishoujo.

Sei Shoujo The Animation
Another misleading one! Although this is a hentai show it has nothing to do with Sei himself.

Thanks to Seishoujo ~ FC as the club helped me get into Seishoujo and inspired me to make this club. Thank you!
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Cool club, I love the style and specially Discipline, Starless and bible black have gorgeous designs. :)
5 dias atrás
MurderousInt (2 meses atrás) #74513199Also good news for western fans, we are getting the Starless art work book released. www.jlist.com/J...
Please excuse my ignorance, but is this in the database?
9 dias atrás
*Club Update*

Added New BG and Banner and club pic
Added Great Deceiver to Games
Added New pics to replace broken links
Added Great Deceiver To Merch list
Added Great Deceiver Merch, New Starless book with links and New Line Mitarai figure to Merch Coming In The Future
Added Art Books and MFC links
Added Sei pic shared by Murderousint
Added Nihon Joshikousei Zukan with MFC links

So yes folks I've been busy! XD I plan to keep this club alive, as I still love the gorgeousness of Sei's art!
If you fancy pre-ordering any of the new Great Deceiver merch AmiAmi has it up now! ;)
1 mês atrás
Hey guys, not sure if this is allowed but I created a Discord server revolving around Sei Shoujo's works, mainly Starless. If any of you are interested in joining here is the link.

2 meses atrás
More images of the new Mitarai figure: twitter.com/new...

JAST dropped a tease right at the end of this new video! twitter.com/J18...
Wonder if any of you know the game teased? ;)

Also good news for western fans, we are getting the Starless art work book released. www.jlist.com/J...
Still need to see more details on it, since I do already own the JP book it's based on. If it has the interview translated might be worth it.

They are also doing a giveaway for some Sei goodies! blog.jlist.com/...
2 meses atrás
New merchs from Great Deceiver title and Marina's censorship get carried over to her pet as well :/

www.nijirushi.c... Marie

www.nijirushi.c... Yukio
2 meses atrás
Doboy Animated Chicks FTW
RockGodItachi (4 meses atrás) #70514499Hi guys! Very sorry that I'm behind with keeping you up to date with the club, I'll try and update it soon. On the other side things this just happened and man am I happy!!!!
Yep Newline (god bless em!) are making us a Mitarai bride figure!!!
ITEM #916292
late on seeing this, and its always nice to see new sei stuff. That said, damn do I wish Skytube or Dragon Toy were the one's doing this figure.
2 meses atrás
Hi guys! Very sorry that I'm behind with keeping you up to date with the club, I'll try and update it soon. On the other side things this just happened and man am I happy!!!!
Yep Newline (god bless em!) are making us a Mitarai bride figure!!!

ITEM #916292
4 meses atrás
Interdict (6 meses atrás) #67886121Anywhere we can order them?

Could try amiami.

Or use the link I provided and order through a proxy service.
6 meses atrás
DarkTemplarXIII (6 meses atrás) #67786410Just letting you good folks know that Great Deciever goods are up for pre-order now.
It's interesting that Marina is missing some "hardware" ;P

Anywhere we can order them?
6 meses atrás
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