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Clothed Girls Club
Lex_LinnLex_Linn5 anos atrás
This club exists for all beautiful clothed girls and women.
They need our love too!

Long skirts, dresses, trousers, sweaters, shirts, uniforms, traditional costumes, heavy and light armor, some kinds of plugsuits (not supertight) - more beautiful clothes on impressive girls!

Than more clothes on girl than better;
All types except Dolls* (PVC, Action figure etc.) of figures are allowed;

No: pantsu-shots, deep cleavage, zettai ryouiki, "2 balloons" boob plate type, skin-like slim clothes;

Long skirts/dresses/shorts with tights are welcome;
Uniforms/armor/traditional costumes are welcome!

(Rules can update)

Feel free to comment/PM me if some figures/ladies in lists are not suitable for club rules, even if it's a subject of opinion, I can make mistakes + appreciate all help you can provide.
*Most of dolls are castoffable by default so I would prefer to avoid their presence in list. I can make rare excludings for cast-off figures if their outfits are suitable for lists.

Important: Details of recent figures/characters updates are in comments left by admin.

UPD 30/01/18: Working under outfit classifications so users could better navigate. Current overall club state doesn't allow to make specific lists for them so it gonna be my personal lists with links. After list of classifications will be ready - feel free to suggest new ones if I missed something.
UPD 01/04/18: 1000 clothed figures joined this club! Yay!
UPD 23/05/2019: Outfit classification continues. More than 1100 figures take a lot of time to rearrange ^^'

Last list update: 03/04/2020
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Comentários43 comentários

Lex_Linn3 anos atrás#20982306Added "Tales of" ladies and their figures (if exist) in list =)
ENTRY #2353
ENTRY #104131
So I meant to reply to this years ago... but Ion and Laphicet are both wee lads. (Not girls. Not sure if you'd want to unlink them?)

ITEM #2898
ITEM #62492
ITEM #423790
2 dias atrás
Sorry for long hiatus!
Club continues to live!
Added new awesome figures from RADIO EVA line:
ITEM #872779
ITEM #943604
ITEM #872782
ITEM #870764
ITEM #851375
3 meses atrás
Thanks to everyone for staying and multiplying!
This club is far from dead and veeery slowly updating!
1 ano atrás
Added Llenn and her figures in list + some fresh Kantai figures.
ENTRY #86317
2 anos atrás
Voxa2 anos atrás#33927326
Hope this helps! :)

Huge thank you for help!
2 anos atrás
Since it's not related to Wonderfest Batch - new post for additions on next several batches. Will be updated.
Added in list figures of ladies from Sentimental Journey:ENTRY #454
Added Llenn and her figures in list: ENTRY #86317
ITEM #691644
ITEM #693374
ITEM #549357
ITEM #581612
ITEM #604771
ITEM #381697
ITEM #633912
ITEM #464760
ITEM #672597
ITEM #390056
ITEM #390217
ITEM #549026
ITEM #549029
2 anos atrás
damedanbo2 anos atrás#31358145Great idea for a club! Too often I see a figure that I think would look great on my shelf, but no way could I display her with so little clothes on...
So thanks for the list of figures to look through! <3

Great to know you like this club! It's good to see people who support it, that way or another. Imho current market is overhelmed by naked figures so we need some personal space.
2 anos atrás