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Artist F.S
Created various illustrations and original characters for Queen's Blade and Queen's Blade Rebellion.
Hentai comics for Angel Publishing, G Walk, and Sanwa Publishing.
Original illustrations for the Sangokushi Taisen card game.

Homepage: blog.goo.ne.jp/...


Upcoming Merchandise

Sangokushi Taisen - Kataigou - Dwell - 1/7 ITEM #331579
Release: August 2016


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It's such a shame that F.S's Art is so poorly represented in PVC figures... All we have are old, outdated figures, with just one announcement from a mediocre manufacturer (and that's a shame, 'cause I love that artwork). I really want new, high quality Menace and Melona figures (After they're stunning Alleyne and announced Tomoe, Orchid Seed would be the perfect candidate for them, but sadly they aren't as popular...), but I'd like its original characters too (the soft/cute/elegant ones for me, rather than those more pornish/muscular)! Native would be perfect for those.
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