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Fuckable Figures
MesubutaSakuraMesubutaSakura1 ano atrásMisc
Welcome to Fuckable Figures!
A place not only to visit when you're wondering which figure you should get next time you feel like giving your love to them, but also to meet MFC fellows who care and give all the love our figures are asking for~

Check the spoiler below for the guidelines on which figures you can suggest, or if you'd like to know what you're going to find here.

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These are the guidelines for anyone who would like to suggest a figure to be added here:

Basically, when suggesting/adding a figure you should be careful you can love them without any obstacles in the way. For example, a figure sticking a really nice and fat ass, but having long hair in the way, or a spread one, with hair in the middle too, such as this one ITEM #540790 shouldn't be added, since that wouldn't be really pleasurable, right?

Another example would be this one, she's spread nicely but her fingers are in the way ITEM #164024. It would be okay if her fingers were in the belly or the clit, but there's no way to comfortably love her.

Another issue is the scale, leg position when they're spreaded so you can insert it in, I've loved this one for the longest time ITEM #356456, but due to its scale and leg position, you can't possibly do it with her. On the other hand, you could probably do it without any issue with these two: ITEM #134788, ITEM #420989 (the tentacle and clothes are removable on this one).

There's also figures, such as this one ITEM #195472 that on first look wouldn't look like a "fuckable figure" (well, probably the breasts are, so this is a two fuck spots case scenario), but she comes with a really nice lower part static.myfigure... that turns her into one really nice candidate.

Even if a figure has its ass exposed with no obstacles, it should be sticking it -suggesting you to do her- that will be not only a better rubbing experience but it will filter a lot of unrelated figures too, since you technically could rub it agaisnt any figure.

Also, when adding images I don't just add all of them, but I try to add the ones that illustrate best the part or parts that figure "is made" to be used for, be it the breasts, back, or front.

I think that covers most of it, I will illustrate it better with images to add it to the guidelines so is easier to see for everyone.

So if you are the kind of person to give back all your love to your figures, or are just curious to know more of these figures and maybe try it out, please join the club, that would motivate me to keep it updated and you can always PM with anything you want to discuss, as I said, one of the main reasons for this club is to meet MFC people sharing the same interests, the other being having people adding their grain of sand if they know more figures like this, so the list keeps growing so we can have a wide variety to choose from to who make love next~

Greetings to everyone!

No matter if they use their hands and body to wrap around it:

Spread their legs to flytrap and milk you:


Stick out their round and perfect butts:


Or present their juicy udders to rub against them until you release what they're asking for:

All of these have something in common, they're craving for your seed, and want you to use their body to release it~

Due to the nature of certain figures, some of these can be considered "fuckable", let's say, if you can insert it between a closed gap in their legs so the skin peels without you making any pressure against the figure. While the second kind, and the most common would be the ones you can rub against, be it buttocks, breasts or an open gap created by their arms or legs.

Since the purpose of this group is to find any figure you can have a good time with, instead of only adding the "fuckable" kind, which would be easier, since by definition it is not as wide and vague as the "rubbing" kind (still, to filter most figures, certain rules apply such as not having hair, hands or any obstacle in the middle, furthemore, even if a figure has its ass exposed with no obstacles, it should be sticking it, that will be now only a better rubbing experience but it will filter a lot of unrelated figures too, since you technically could rub it agaisnt any figure) we'll add both.

For that reason we'll make a top based on users votes for each of the two kinds, so we can know which ones are the most popular ones. The votes can come up from personal experience with the related figures or from videos from someone else you've watched~

Top Fuckable Figures
1. 1/5 Nanako from To Heart2 Another Days ITEM #4570
2. Dva 1/6 (Rocket Boy/Native)ITEM #549551

Top Rubbing Figures
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u guys srs...
1 mês atrás
A nice upcoming fuckable figure: ITEM #779388 ITEM #550343

Being 1/6 I'm sure there won't be any issue to fit it in this one, also I love the fact she's dark skinned, it will only make that contrast beautifully with her skin ~
1 mês atrás
Finally got her the other day and I can confirm she's perfect to fuck, when I took her from the box I was surprised at how big she is. I love how her sole perfectly wraps around your shaft <3
8 meses atrás
Still don't have mine at home but there's already a bukkake video of her. If anyone wants to see just PM me, even though he didn't "fuck" her between her legs and its a regular bukkake it was pretty hot the way he rubs it against her dick. Also I'm pretty excited after seeing it since it made pretty clear there is enough space for it to fit between the legs ♡
9 meses atrás
Oh god I can't wait to have her and see if it can fit between her legs~ It would be so amazing to do that while it rubs her perfect sole and dick. I'll cover her so much and so many times like a goddess to which I ofeer my seed as ofering <3 picture/1956653...
9 meses atrás
The update is ready~ Now everything should be much clearer with these guidelines plus instead of removing the "rubbing" figures we'll have a ranking for both kinds.
11 meses atrás
willyg1982 (1 ano atrás) #28596372I support your idea. Your welcome to PM me too if you want to run anything by me.

I'll fix that! Been busy with christmas and college but I'll try to do a major update this week since it will be the last (and worst) from first semester >.<
1 ano atrás
omg lmao wyd having sex w anime figures
1 ano atrás
darkfader lolicon
The imgur pictures don't show. Host them on MFC instead.
1 ano atrás
MesubutaSakura (1 ano atrás) #28595229Thanks! And welcome to the club~
In fact after speaking with DarkThroat I was thinking just being able to rub it between her breasts, pussy or ass might be too broad and almost any figure could fit these requeriments, but the most important part, that doesn't make it "fuckable" but you just rub it, while using figures where you can fit it between the legs such as this one using a bit of lube ITEM #4570 really feels like fucking it and you can reach climax by just using the figure without any help from your hands (if you never saw this figure in action feel free to ask for the link via PM, its really enjoyable~).
So I was thinking about making a list for the figures you can rub it, and have the link on the club description, and only link figures you can actually "fuck" which should be far more enjoyable than rubbing it. The legs don't need to be totally crossed, so figures such as static.myfigure..., static.myfigure..., static.myfigure..., static.myfigure... or static.myfigure... would still fit the club, since not only you can rub it against the pussy but the legs would wrap around it.
What do you guys think?

I support your idea. Your welcome to PM me too if you want to run anything by me.
1 ano atrás
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