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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
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After watching the begin of Episode 1 serval times I noticed today a little "Error" :)

In the first Dialoge-Scene where Yuu is saying 4 times "Dark" you can see the Kettenkrad short from rear after every "Dark".
And there I noticed, that the Barrel is missing.
In the next Cut when Chii is talking to Yuu you can see the Barrel again and also in the Scenes before Yuu start talking. :)
9 meses atrás
Lilie (10 meses atrás) #30395819I have...! such amazing anime! I heard the manga is coming to end soon aswell.

That's true. It is a real Masterpiece and was one of the Highligts 2017 (in my opinion).
I miss the Anime because the Ambient and Mood are unique and fascinating.
Also the Soundtrack is great.

Spoiler includes Storydetails of Episode 12 and Content which could make you sad.
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I watched the last Episode 3 times and if I understand right it is a very depressive Final.
The "Mushroom-Lifeforms" say that they dismantle thermal instable material in stable state. That means that every nuclear Energysource is gone. So this means that Automaton which took care of the Fish is inactive now so the Fish will starve. No Energy means also no working Elevators so Ishii and Kanazawa are trapped in their actual City-Level. This Fact in combination with that was the Lifeform is saying, let asssume that both are dead. Yuu and Chii are heading to the top Level of the city so it's a question of Time till they reach a dead end.

I still hope that the Manga will not end soon. If I've translated right at least a 6th Volume will be released LINK.

So if Vol. 6 the last the Chance of 1 or 2 OVAs is given.
If the Manga will be continued then maybe a 2nd Season?

Spoiler! Includes Storydetails of Episode 12
View spoilerHide spoilerI know the Chance is low because the 12th Episode let less room for a continued Story.
There is no Camera or Radio, Nuko is gone and all nuclear Power is gone.
So if there is no Solar-Technic, whats would make sense in the Top Level of the City, there will be no light or hot Water and nearly no Machines Running.
But the highest Level also have direct Sunlight and Rain so Vegetation can be posible.

And the story leave open questions and possibillities so there is a potential for another Season.

So let's hope the earnings from Manga, Anime and Merchandise are motivating the Mangaka to continue. :D
9 meses atrás
Blueleader72 (10 meses atrás) #30392103Hi!
Has everyone finished watching the Anime?
I have...! such amazing anime! I heard the manga is coming to end soon aswell.
10 meses atrás

Has everyone finished watching the Anime?
10 meses atrás