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persocomsanpersocomsan12 anos atrás
????? Let's go (=^.^=) This is a group dedicated to the first character of the Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series: Hatsune Miku.

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Cloudberry7 meses atrás#73242026Tickets for USA/Canada Miku Tour for 2020 is here:

2020 Miku Expo has been postponed to September-October due to the virus outbreak.

You can order concert merch here too: mikumerch.com/
4 meses atrás
Tickets for USA/Canada Miku Tour for 2020 is here:
7 meses atrás
This group's dead???
2 anos atrás
A friend of mine is givin up her Preorder of the bundle Rin and Len Senbonzakura (FREEingn Company and GSC) on AmiAmi. Anyone interested? MP her!! (Lina17inverse)
5 anos atrás
project diva f weiss schwarz so getting
7 anos atrás
MIku is so kawaii! I want to be her!
8 anos atrás
im a big miku fan!!! grettings to everyone!!!
8 anos atrás
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
If anyone in the US is looking for Pixiv Vol 8 with Miku petite nendo, get it here: www.animebooks....

I can vouch for this site.
8 anos atrás
I was so happy to go to her concert at AX last year! I hope they do it again!
8 anos atrás
Hatsune miku ftw!!!
8 anos atrás