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ArcherArcher14 anos atrás
A place for posting links to good sales and bargains from reputable webstores. Or if you want to share a coupon, here is the place for it!

- Figure sales from official shops - figures, model kits, hobby supplies, etc.
- Media sales from official shops - manga, anime, video games, music, etc.
- Merchandise sales from official shops - clothing, stationery, straps, dakimakuras, etc.

Please use these threads to post any good sales that you find and remember that these sales must be for the types of items found in MFC's database.

Play-Asia coupons can be posted (and found) in this thread. Coupons from all other stores live here.

- User sales - can be for your MFC shop, eBay, etc.
- User wants - having trouble finding something? Get help here!

Other clubs of interest:

- Figure Site and Shop Forum - read and share reviews of webshops
- Spare Parts - buy, sell, and trade spare parts for all types of figures

Enjoy the savings!
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Please check out my sell list.
I'm looking to give these figures new homes for reasonable prices.

Send me a PM if something strikes your fancy ;3

(I ship worldwide)

LIST #58886

Edit: For a limited time 10% off on all figures.(Time period of 28-11-22 until 01-12-2022)
21 dias atrás
looking to sell everything in here - LIST #154550

open to offers, usa only, mostly pokemon but theres some other stuff too
2 meses atrás
CyberJuri BuffGirls4Life
Whole collection for sale. Trying to get them gone. Will take a loss on them.
2 meses atrás
Hello everyone!
I am currently selling/trading items from LIST #171125

I am willing to trade for ONLY:
ITEM #617147
ITEM #339475
ITEM #341636

PM me for pricing and shipping for these ladies! I’m located within the U.S., Texas to be exact!

Can’t wait to hear from you! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
3 meses atrás
x-kozmv4 meses atrás#111990645
ITEM #1131773 - hatsune miku land of the eternal - nin-nin-game ($198.64)

adding to this: ITEM #1280222 - ina’nis takodachi plush selling for $275 (based off ebay sales going for $300+)
4 meses atrás
hi! selling/giving up some pre orders if anyone is interested just msg me :)
ITEM #1552689 - FREEing hifumi bunny ver. - hobby genki ($222.25)
ITEM #1131773 - hatsune miku land of the eternal - nin-nin-game ($198.64)
these prices do NOT include shipping just a heads up
4 meses atrás
I’m selling the following figures at the following prices, shipping is not included. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. Goods and services. I’m open to negotiating, but no lowballing.

All are brand new, never opened, never touched. I’m clearing out room for a bunch of new figures I have pre ordered. I have attached the ad listing on MFC as well as the Mercari listings if you wanna buy thru there. Otherwise just DM and let’s work something out.

Alice SAO- Aniplex 1/7. $210 CLASSIFIED #291323

Ayanami Rei plugsuit ver 1/6- 145 CLASSIFIED #291334

Yuigahama Yui- 1/7 F:Nex Shiromuku (FuRyu) - 240 CLASSIFIED #291321

Rem Shiromuku F:Nex 1/7 (FuRyu) -250 CLASSIFIED #291320

Any questions you may have feel free to contact me.
5 meses atrás
hello i’m selling a ton of nendoroid petit’s here LIST #190525 if anyone is interested. I have a lot more if there’s enough interest in them but all the info is in the list. ty :)
5 meses atrás
5 meses atrás
kakusei 五伏
Hiya! I'm giving up on my FIGUARTS ZERO Fushiguro and Gojou preorders for cheaper. Feel free to DM if interested!
ITEM #1531634
ITEM #1479597
6 meses atrás
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