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Long Legs
mikamika9 anos atrás
Figures with long legs have an air of extraordinary glamour and finesse.

http://myfigurecollection.net/image/600/StarshipPooper1292109716.jpeg http://myfigurecollection.net/image/600/Roquefort1299073496.jpeg
C.C. ITEM #25131 & Saber ITEM #54770

Asakura Ryouko ITEM #2912
Fate T. Harlaown ITEM #20840
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Goddess coming through ITEM #134788 ITEM #118035
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Welcome JiffySmackums! You are the 50th member to this club ^__^
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DimitryHmmm, who is on new club mascot? :3
She's Mine Fujiko ITEM #4904
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Hmmm, who is on new club mascot? :3
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djjoshhenriquezMika u are one perv mofo, but i love your clubs XD
Nice to hear ^__^
9 anos atrás
Mika u are one perv mofo, but i love your clubs XD
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Nice legs too :)
9 anos atrás
Really nice legs here: figure/63802
9 anos atrás
Anyone got any pics of the Taiga China Dress figure yet? I know she's supposed to be short, but those legs look so long and slender.
9 anos atrás