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Disciples de la Déesse Haruhi
SbebiWanSbebiWan12 anos atrás
Come and worship the Goddess, HaruhiISM for the win !

If there are any aliens, time travelers, sliders, or espers here, join the grop to worship the Goddess Haruhi !

Venez faire état de votre HaruhiISM !
S'il y a des extraterrestres, des voyageurs dans le temps, des démons ou des espers ici, ils peuvent rejoindre le groupe pour vénérer la Déesse Haruhi !
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Comentários41 comentários

Strife212 Original Blue
Haruhi has returned!

9 anos atrás
Hiii :D
Excuse me guys, but... Can you add my photos in club?
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Sorry ^^````
10 anos atrás
hello tout le monde ^^
Merci de m'acceuillir dans votre communauté :)
10 anos atrás
Noiji Itou will be at the French convention Epitanime on May, 2010.
10 anos atrás
Happy New Year everybody !!!!
10 anos atrás
SbebiWan PVC Addict
Hi, it's been a while that I don't admin the group, if someone wishes to be MOD or Admin, tell me ^^ send me a private message ^^
10 anos atrás
hitler-kun is verry sad :(
11 anos atrás
Did you? I watch that again and I laughed as much as the first time.
11 anos atrás
mememo Sale Hunter
OMG i laughed so hard at that? that i cryed
11 anos atrás
What the hell was that? It's awesome.
11 anos atrás