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nikkoda ミカ大好きだよ
Well since Kuma deleted their v4 blog post does that mean none of the suggestions that were made on that are getting considered?

The blog page looks bad. If you only have 1 article and click on it the entire right side of it has all these unnecessary widgets next to it. Also why the levels next to our names? Why is the upvote change? It's like this is getting designed for the sole purpose of being a mobile website, but it still looks bad on mobile. I don't get it.

And still why have one page go v4 at a time?
11 meses atrás
I'm nearly blind in one eye but usually I can get along tech just fine. Usually. Since the start of the slowly creeping change from section to section of mfc, I began to have a bigger eye strain than normal. This was just on phone, mind you. I opened mfc on my laptop once or twice and immediately regretted it. Haven't used the desktop version since, not even on tablet. I'm actually afraid to open it on tablet but at least zooming would be less screen demanding

I'm really disappointed that kuma deleted the v4 blog because these continued changes of one by one feel like we have no say in this.

The things that are jarring to me besides the squished overall look;

Design. Oh boy. I love green, I really do but it's everywhereeee. Too many accents. Wrong text getting thrown in that green that doesn't know if it wants to ease your eyes or stab them. Banners are a nightmare. I don't want it to follow me like mobile Safari as I scroll down. Why is it squished? Blog section? It's all over the place. The top comments aren't destinguishable at all. The titles are cut off. I don't know what I'm reading about until I read the whole post. Can't open just the comments? Ugh. Logo? UGH. What is that? I'm sorry but no.

The old design was robust enough, this change makes it look like early 2010s and the start of Andorid software/smartphones. Even the green is similar. This is no step forward at all.

I wanted to be a supporter this month but until I see the whole change I'll either stay rgb or visit mfc less.
11 meses atrás
Recent Comments
Hi everyone , I wonder if anyone can be able to add the videogame Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space , its prequel is already in database -> ITEM #431480 I supose there is no problem with add it
1 dia atrás
Hey mfc community,

I was wondering if you can add a DVD feature to the website with the legitimate covers for the DVDs. There are sketchy sites like Ebay that sell fake DVDs. Therefore, if we have a DVD feature, the site can pinpoint the offical DVD cover.
21 dias atrás
1 mês atrás
-Eva (2 meses atrás) #34341289Hey. I wanted to add a figure to the data base. However, it got removed. I don't know why. I had all legitimate sources for the figure. Like the manufacturer info and distributor info but it still got removed. Who do I talk to??
Did you read the alert? That figure is already in the database. alert/55147
2 meses atrás
Hey. I wanted to add a figure to the data base. However, it got removed. I don't know why. I had all legitimate sources for the figure. Like the manufacturer info and distributor info but it still got removed. Who do I talk to??
2 meses atrás
yurii (2 meses atrás) #33917656Hey, doesn't look like that item was on here.
I've added it for you - ITEM #707295

That's great, thank you :)
2 meses atrás
GPB (2 meses atrás) #33767492snip

Hey, doesn't look like that item was on here.
I've added it for you - ITEM #707295
2 meses atrás
Hi mfc community,
I have some questions.

First, some month ago I got a figure of Osakabe Makie with Kirishima/Yotaro but I can't find the figure on myfigurecollection. I can't add pictures in this post, but here is a link to the figure: hlj.com/product...

It is possible to add the figure to mfc?

My second question is, there are two apps in Google Play store but both are not working. Is one of the apps supported by mfc or is there a working app?

Thanks in advance.

2 meses atrás
jashinsama1 (2 meses atrás) #33532237Hi goood evening everyone, I have a question to you guys I would be grateful that you answered me! my doubt is about 3D sexy pads , I am very interest in one on particular but it is very expansive now, do this items generally have a re-released ? I am on a position if buy or don't buy it ....because if exist a posibility to pay less for it would be better...but in the other hand exist the posibility that it don't re-released anymore
Unless you're prepared for a very long and exhausting search afterwards, I'd recommend to get it while you can. It might pop up on Mandarake, but then you'd have to be there at just the right moment. Personally, I don't have the patience for post-release hunts. You must determine if it's really worth the money they ask. If it is, go for it. If it isn't, skip it and hope that, by the merest chance, you stumble upon it at a later time.
2 meses atrás
Venetica (2 meses atrás) #33531591That was my suspicion. How about uploading photos of a purely western figure?
You can of course upload pictures of such a figure. They might get alerted, and ultimately deleted however. They couldn't be linked to an entry anyway. You'd have to put them under the "various" category and include a description "For profile customization" or somesuch to ward off the mods...
2 meses atrás
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