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Hello fellow Brit !

This club is a place for all British people who have a hobby in common and a country in common...
Joy us if you want to share your passion for figure collecting, exchange information, ideas and meet with other UK collectors.

fáilte roimh
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I have found Sonico ( ´ ∀ ` )

I can't seem to delete or edit my previous comment....
1 dia atrás

I'm looking to buy the Super Sonico plushie by GIFT within the UK: ITEM #39961

If anyone is considering sell her, please message me.

Any PM's are greatly appreciated :)))
2 dias atrás
Selling the Rem ITEM #396926 Ram ITEM #485604 and Emilia Nendo's new and sealed. ITEM #549360 £50.00 each, postage is included in the price with PayPal fee. Payment by PayPal goods and services, from a smoke and pet free home. :) Send me a PM if interested. :)
20 dias atrás
I'm letting preorders for ITEM #549362 and ITEM #655901 go - let me know if interested in taking these
1 mês atrás
Are there any Monster Hunter fans here?
2 meses atrás
Unreg sal now at 16 days :/ still not here...
while reg sal took about 12.

edit: now at 21 days
2 meses atrás
anyone interested in UK based suruga-ya group orders?
i order from there all the time, at least a few times a month and have everything forwarded so no customs fees :)
3 meses atrás
Miau (4 meses atrás) #32047189Not that I'm aware of... the biggest con in London is MCM, which is only on in May and October. The only other con I know is ALCON, which is on in August/Sept.
Someone else may have a suggestion though!

Very late reply, but Hyper Japan (July and November) is a fantastic convention in London! It's pretty huge too.

It mostly focuses on Japanese culture and anime, and it's my favourite convention personally. MCM is great for the sheer size, but Hyper Japan is specifically Japanese culture.

Not to mention, the guests are amazing! They've had tons of Vocaloid concerts (official and fanmade), as well as some awesome musicians and actors. The meet and greets usually go really smoothly too.

Food available is insanely good too!
3 meses atrás
okay no you're right, anything from Osaka is fast as always but my parcel from Tokyo has been sitting at posting/collection for 5 days now :/
3 meses atrás
solluxcaptor (3 meses atrás) #33068013Having the opposite problem and actually came here to ask about it. Besides 1 speedy package, my SAL packages are taking abnormally long. :/

ah that's unfortunate, seems SAL is unreliable as always. i wonder if it depends on which airport they're going to? unless everything goes through heathrow
3 meses atrás
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