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Group Orders!Group Orders!

Group Orders!

What is a group order?
A group order is literally what it sounds like: a group of people order things from a store together(usually one that we need to use a proxy to buy from, or one that has flat or expensive international shipping). By ordering in a group, we can save money, whether it's on proxy fees or shipping costs or other costly things.

What is a box split?
Some figures/phone charms/keychains/etc. are only sold in boxes together, and can't be bought individually. In a box split, the split host orders a box of such items, and then divides the items up for other people to take. That way, you don't have to buy a whole box of 12 characters when you really only wanted 1.
And it's so much cheaper to do it this way than buying them individually on eBay or at a convention for $20 a piece :P

What is "Group Orders!" club?
Essentially, GO! is the place to go to if you want to host your own splits, split/sell boxes of items you already own, and/or order with others to reduce shipping costs.

Wanna help advertise the club? Banners are here!
Feel free to make your own too~ PM a club admin and we'll add it.

Want to join the club?

This club is private now. Please leave a comment below if you agree with
the club rulescloseGO! Club Rules

Any member of this club is free to host a group order/split as well as participate in group orders/splits fellow members host.

Before anything else, please be sure to read through the rules and guidelines for HOSTS and PARTICIPANTS in this club before posting anything within the group's forums:

1. RESPECT and be FRIENDLY towards your fellow members that are part of this club.
2. Any member of the club is allowed to create a new thread for a group order/split if they are willing to host.
3. When creating a group order/split thread make sure to follow the correct format for its title:

a. The country you're residing in. Use an abbreviation as much as possible.
If you're willing to ship internationally, indicate an * after your country.
b. Your username in MFC/Tsuki-Board to indicate you are the host of the group order/split.
c. The name of either the set/box of the item you will be splitting or the group order title.
EXAMPLE SPLIT THREAD : [USA*][lilylace] Series Rubber Strap Set
EXAMPLE GROUP ORDER THREAD : [USA*][lilylace] Shop Group Order

4. Rules for each group order/split are determined by the host themselves. Make sure to read all of their rules before applying/posting a spot/reservation in their thread.
5. For split threads, items that may be split can be a pre-order, back-order or in-stock item(s). It may also be something you already own.
6. For group order threads, always indicate what shop/event you will be ordering from or attending to obtain the items. In the case of an event, provide a list of items that can be ordered at the event as well.
7. If there is any member having trouble with a host or a participant in a certain split, please contact the admins to discuss the matter.
8. For the Feedback Thread, if there is a host/participant you’d like to give a POSITIVE/NEGATIVE feedback, kindly contact any admins of the group to discuss the details.
9. For the Split Extras/"Leftovers" Thread, everyone is allowed to post and update any items that are leftover after a split. Transactions then should be made through private conversation to avoid overlapping of leftover posts within the thread.
10. This club is not for making profit among its members, please keep this in mind. Proxy Services for limited/exclusive items are only allowed for those items which are hard to get a hold of.
11. Lastly, HAVE FUN joining in different kinds of splits/group orders! ;D


Guidelines for Group Order / Split HOSTS

1. Hosts are given the chance to make and determine their own rules when creating a group order/split thread. Rules must be detailed and clear for the participants to understand them easily.

2. Hosts are obliged to post ALL POSSIBLE COSTS that’ll be included in your group order/split. It may be shipping from Japan to the host, customs fees, VAT, and/or packaging costs. This is to insure your participants are fully-aware of what they’ll be paying for and that the costs will be divided equally among them.

3. Hosts are required to show/state a chart, photo or list of their SHIPPING RATES in their country. This is to let your participants know how much their items will cost when shipped to them.

4. Hosts are NOT allowed to charge any handling fee when hosting a group order/split. A handling fee can only be charged for limited & exclusive items that can't be obtained through normal methods, such as event goods which include queuing and mail-order items that stores don't ship outside Japan.

5. Hosts are allowed to bump their group order/split threads only once per week.

6. Hosts are highly encouraged to keep their participants updated on the status of the items in their group order/split.


Guidelines for Group Order / Split PARTICIPANTS

1. Participants are highly encouraged to carefully read the host’s rules in the group order/split they are hosting.

2. Participants are obliged to SUBSCRIBE to the group order/split thread they are taking part to keep in track the status and updates about the group order/split they joined. This is also to make communication easier for both participant and host.

3. Participants are free to apply for any slots that they wish to get in the group order/split you are part with. Always be clear about what slots you will take.

4. Participants are asked to always double check computations and items they asked for when the host sent out invoices. This is to make sure you are fully aware of how much your total would be before sending out your total payment.

5. Participants are encouraged to give feedback in a group order/split they partake in to the Feedback Thread or post in a personal list the host uses for their feedback. This may differ as not all hosts ask for feedback from participants.
and wish to join the club. We will send you an invite if we see no problem with joining.
We apologize for the inconvenience but we will now only permit membership to accounts who have been active on MFC for at least 3 months.

Thank you for understanding.

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I was part of the group buy club a couple of years ago. I've recently gotten back to collecting since I've gotten more space for myself and would like to join in your new club. I have read the rules and am familiar with how these group buys work and will follow accordingly. Thank you for your consideration!
1 dia atrás
i've read the rules and would love to join, ive had my account for a good few months now though mostly lurk on here. but i love group orders/box splits cause a lot of the time theres only one or two items in a box set i want so this makes that way easier to just get the specific ones i would like from sets
7 dias atrás
Hello, I'd like to join please, I also read and agree with the rules^^
8 dias atrás
snowfei snack expert
rainglow (15 dias atrás) #39768453I've read and agree with the rules, I'd like to join please.Jeza (15 dias atrás) #39817495Yo! I'd like to join, I've read&agreed with the rules!

11 dias atrás
Yo! I'd like to join, I've read&agreed with the rules!
15 dias atrás
I've read and agree with the rules, I'd like to join please.
15 dias atrás
snowfei snack expert
mingu (19 dias atrás) #39586348Hi, I would like to join ^^
I have read the rules and agree with them.

17 dias atrás
Hi, I would like to join ^^
I have read the rules and agree with them.
19 dias atrás
snowfei snack expert
wonderland (22 dias atrás) #39481868I’d like to join. Also read & agree to the rules.Fury06 (20 dias atrás) #39541963Hello, I've read and agree to the rules. I'd like to join up with the group.LambdaBern (19 dias atrás) #39575333Hi, I have read and agreed with the rules and would love to join!

Invites sent!
19 dias atrás
Hi, I have read and agreed with the rules and would love to join!
19 dias atrás
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