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Takamachi Nanoha

In Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Nanoha Takamachi is a sweet if naive third-grader. However she has always felt like she is missing something in her life: all the people around her have someone their are very close to but she lacks this. However, Nanoha is no longer an "ordinary" third grader when she meets and helps the wounded ferret, who just happens to be a mage from another planet, Yuuno Scrya. He has come to Earth to gather the "Jewel Seeds," mysterious artifacts containing great power. Nanoha agrees to help him, but the task seems harder than presented when she meets Fate Testarossa, another girl searching for the Jewel Seeds.

In A's
In A's, six months after the first season, Nanoha still remains in contact with her best friend Fate. However, things take an unexpected turn when she is assaulted by a special "Belka" type mage, Vita of the Wolkenritter. Just in time to save her comes Fate, but Vita also has backup. The group of the four, the Wolkenritter, are seeking mage's "Linker Cores" for an unknown purpose and manage to steal Nanoha's.

In StrikerS
Ten years after A's, in StrikerS, Nanoha is a commander who trains new mages. She takes in two fresh recruits to pay special attention to, Subaru Nakajima, who idolizes her, and Teana Lanster, Subaru's best friend. Nanoha is an S ranked mage and is still great friends with Fate and Hayate.

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8 anos atrás
Ayane8 anos atrás#1031005New figure:
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I will probably make a group order for this one tomorrow if someone living in France/Europe wants to join...

I can't possibily miss such an awesome Nano/Fate set XD
8 anos atrás
Just be patient ntheo, figures for Movie 2nd will be released after the movie was screened in Japan (July 14th).

Personally, there are still a lot of Nanoha Movie 1st figures going on, so maybe for 2011 last quarter...
8 anos atrás
Ayane8 anos atrás#993146You mean this movie?


Yea..if Alter made the equivalent to Stand By Ready / Phantom Minds of Nanoha/Fate for the 2nd movie (I prefer the new staff w/ the cartridge system to the non -cartridge version), I'd buy it..
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Thanks for the invitation~~~
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does anyone know if Alter is planning figures for the 2nd movie???
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neotakuthat nanoha is from magical battle arena isn't?
I do really love that game, and nanoha of course! <3

i hope they mak ean update for that game and include the Puella magi madoka magica girls as well as other nanoha charactres (subaru and vivio? or maybe touma)
8 anos atrás
Thanks for the invitation...XD
8 anos atrás
that nanoha is from magical battle arena isn't?
I do really love that game, and nanoha of course! <3
8 anos atrás
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