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  • Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
    *.* at the trailer! So new awesome men!!!!
    10 anos atrás
    Strife212A new Xeno game just got announced
    IKR? Excitement xD
    I wonder if they are just using the Xeno prefix to drag in fans of Xenogears/saga, since it originally had an entirely different title (Monado: Beginning of the World). Either way, the game looks interesting so far.
    Trailer www.youtube.com... :3
    I put a handful of screens at my blog wanderingkind.w... too /shameless self plug
    10 anos atrás
    Strife212 Original Blue
    A new Xeno game just got announced


    10 anos atrás
    Hi everyone!
    I'm a big fan of action figures so I'd really like a Xenosaga Revoltech line. I hope it is still possible. ^_^
    10 anos atrás
    Read this post in better quality here at my site: figurefan.blogs...

    People I need your help!

    Who knows this figure??

    Some days ago I stumbled upon this image of a KOS-MOS figure I have never seen before and can not find anywhere on the net.
    It's no official release and if it is a model kit I can not find the source.

    It's even hard to tell if this one is a bigger scale model or a gashapon shot in macro mode. So here is the image:


    There are not much figures of KOS-MOS in her version 3 armor. There is on in the Legends-Set EP 1 and two in the Legends-Set EP 3, here and the variant.
    No bigger sized models available and every one of the three has her left arm lifted up in some fashion.
    Maybe it's an early version of the Legends series but for me it looks too detailed to be a gashapon figure.

    So for the love of me if anyone has info, spill them please. The only hint I have is the date of the picture which is July 12, 2007.

    Yeah maybe it's a little overreacting BUT if you know me and my KOS-MOS collection than it's totally appropriate -_^
    At least I'm not that of a fanatic. I did not buy the crappy articulated cheap action figure rip-off of her and T-elos.

    But this one I would definitely run after!!
    11 anos atrás
    It's hard to not see (peeking at my collection) which character I really like ^_^ but if the manufacturers continue to craft Xenosaga figures (and I hope so) I would like to see a "duet-style" double figure with Shion and MOMO on one base!!
    11 anos atrás
    blueboy an enigma, now & forever
    i would love to see a MOMO pvc/resin/garage kit & a ziggy.
    these would round out my top three favs (kosy is without question my #1 fave ^_^)
    11 anos atrás
    I agree. Shion needs a really nice 1/8 figure. Preferably by Alter.
    11 anos atrás
    I love KOS-MO but Shion really needs some nice figures other then tradings ones... a 1/8 would be enought!
    11 anos atrás
    alright, I'll link all of them here! thanks a lot ^^
    11 anos atrás
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