há 31 minutosAilishAilish
Great organisation, it looks very well
há 32 minutosbomhatbomhat because I'm batman
omg i love lovely complex. good choice.
há 32 minutosSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Omg wow he looks so cool!!! Can't wait to see all the red!
há 32 minutos (há 32 minutos)infinity_harukainfinity_haruka Heart Breaking King
this nendo must be released asap!!!
há 33 minutosKrupperKrupper
Looking for her in new condition in Illinois, U.S.. Expected $125 (shipping included) but is negotiable. Please PM me.
há 36 minutosGandalfGandalf
Delayed to June! [ext link ]

GSC must be having some serious scheduling issues with their factories at present.
há 37 minutossamkaizokusamkaizoku
Stacycmc (há 4 horas) #30900356Ah, thank you!! :D I do enjoy my room big time...I could live in it I think...my escape from reality! LOL!!
The little light-up tree is actually a little LED cherry blossom tree. You put the little plastic blossoms on each light one by one. I actually have two in my room I love them so much. I got both from Kirkland's in case you wanted to try to grab one for yourself! :D

That is how a room should be; worthy of living in it and feeling happy & secure :)

Ah I mistyped; I meant sakura tree lol I was looking at bonsai trees before I saw your picture haha thanks for the tip, that is nice of you :)

I might get one as a background for this item #465944
há 39 minutos (há 39 minutos)DardDrakDardDrak
Nova reunião do sindicato dos auditores da Receita com o governo, e nada definido;

[ext link ]

Tem uma parte em que um dos representantes da categoria afirma que cerca de cinco mil auditores já aderiram à greve - está certo que líderes desses grupos normalmente inflam os números, mas considerando que a Receita tem pouco mais de 9 mil auditores no total, três ou quatro mil parados já causariam um bom transtorno mesmo...
há 40 minutose-Broe-Bro
Dribz (há 13 horas) #30900061Excellent display. Hopefully I can have a hobby room like this someday! Where did you get the rectangular risers that many of your figures are on?Thanks for the comment! So I bought the risers in Japan from a home deco store called Nitori. They're pretty much just small wall-hanging bookshelves. [ext link ]

sophieB (1 dia atrás) #30899356I'm going to be moving next month so I'm going to have to remodel a whole new room and your my inspiration because your room looks amazing!!!
Haha I'm glad to hear I could actually inspire someone. Good luck with the move! Hope everything works out.
há 44 minutosMiaekaMiaeka
this post depicts my online shopping struggle on a surreal level
há 45 minutosNAMELES84NAMELES84
For the price of 1/7, this is quite in-expensive until you see the name of the manufacturer, which I have not owned any of their figure yet.

It sounds like a 50/50 bet on the quality whether your distributor gives you a good one. :x
há 45 minutosLoveChopperLoveChopper
weiwere (há 13 horas) #30900071Great to see u here Chopz san.
Sen here.

I recently join a Japanese chat / study Line group recently and saw someone with similar nick. Do you happen to be the same せんさん inside the group? haha
há 46 minutos (há 45 minutos)NemsEngelAceSasuNemsEngelAceSasu
Cause I can't find fitting frames aswell I just put it in a manga bag, cut it to the needs so it's protected and looks clean and display it standing on a book stand.
há 48 minutosgrail_huntergrail_hunter
Selling SEALED 9k PHP or 175 USD + shipping (willing to ship worldwide, EMS only). PM me ^^
há 50 minutose-Broe-Bro
Stacycmc (1 dia atrás) #30898752UPDATE - Ok, scratch that.....I don't have a local Ikea and so just tried to buy online. The delivery cost for the $59 shelving is going to be $350. What a joke..... I can get the oval corner shelving I wanted instead for that cost.....UGH, frustrating. :(So when you say local, I'm guessing you mean within reasonable distance? I feel your pain. Anywhere I've lived that was remotely close to Ikea was still a 3-4 hour drive away. It was worth it though to avoid shipping stuff, which like you mentioned costs an absurd amount.
há 50 minutosmissprototypemissprototype
I think maybe getting a bigger frame gives an opportunity to make little decoratives around it? Like scrap booking style with ribbons and different colors that adds to framing the autographs. Hopefully that makes sense ^^;

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