há 29 minutosSilverkiteSilverkite Touhoutastic!
well I was wondering if in the past four years MegaHouse manage to make better figures other than the balloons equipped ones from One Break,and it seems that this one is one of the few who got through their lousy it's another One Break figure and nothing else filter.

Going to check if Kotobukiya,Alter,Banpresto,Bandai and many others dropped their flavor of the century for something better or not
há 31 minutosKaneelKaneel on Ice
Forbidden (há 2 horas) #30899841distributor and manufacturer should be switched around.. can someone edit it please?

Manufacturer: KADOKAWA Corporation
Distributed by Good Smile Company

-> [ext link ]
há 37 minutossamkaizokusamkaizoku
SengokuGensui (há 17 horas) #30899298Thank you! I would say go for it. In contrast to what BiJ says, I usually don't see paint defects on Megahouse exclusives, and I have quite a lot of them. I guess this was just a case of bad luck for me. I saw pictures that another user posted and she seems flawless.
So your case was 1 in a million lol

I'm gonna try getting it; if I can't manage by mid February, I'll grab Nico Robin ver. 2 before the pre-order deadline. Nico is smokin' hot!!
há 38 minutosYosuke-HanamuraYosuke-Hanamura
Alters Ranko is being released before this...I'm honestly so tempted to cancel my order at this point (Ilu Koume but its been forever)
há 40 minutosStacycmcStacycmc
Good god...how does one go about getting this??!!!! This is amazing....I NEED this in my life big time. Is the only option truly to go to friggin Wonfest???!!!

*screams and rages in despair*
há 41 minutossamkaizokusamkaizoku
Tattsuns (1 dia atrás) #30897814I am waiting for him to be as tall as Zoro and Law King of Artist!

Given the latest info, apparently he's not :(((
há 43 minutos (há 43 minutos)StacycmcStacycmc
Nice, I love it!!! :D

You're diorama is fantastic....I LOVE the little front porch/yard area, soooo cute! Good job!
há 44 minutosDorayaki_SenpaiDorayaki_Senpai
the only thing i hate from ami2 is they never bubble wrap the item.
há 47 minutosRajkeRajke Ca fanatic
I cannot imagine that this would be a cheap shipping.
80,114 JPY is my guess. My favorite item among your collection is item #76355
há 50 minutossamkaizokusamkaizoku
Ninoma (há 6 horas) #30899722There is an alternate laughing faceplate ;)TazF1Ferrari1 (há 1 hora) #30899882he comes with another head, i just uploaded a picture

OMG!! I love the second face; I call it the "One Piece smile".

My "want level" went from 13 to 100. I'm 100% getting it! Thanks for the info!
há 50 minutosStigStig
I'm positively shocked. Alter never delays.
há 51 minutosvmcoelhovmcoelho
Looking for this piece. Can somebody help me?
há 52 minutosStacycmcStacycmc
Lujei (há 1 hora) #30899890Stunning Picture!Love it ♡

Thank you so much!!!! :D

EsvaldForceswoop (há 1 hora) #30899878Gorgeous!
Now I wish I picked her up in the local anime convention last Saturday.

Thank you!!! I'm not sure how much she was at the convention, but she frequently pops up for sale from other MFC users in the Ads section. There are 18 for sale right now...and I think you could snag her up for around $65, maybe less even.

She is one of the very few ladies in my collection, but I just thought this figure was so beautiful I had to have it!
há 53 minutosYuelonYuelon
Original item #27634

10th Edition item #113282

No.600 A.K.A FGO Saber item #451820

To answer you question is rather simple go for the new one because the new package is nice and good looking also it comes with additional accessories. Unless you are the type who likes to go for original then you are free to pay for the old one with their current market price. other minor detail would be the new saber is base on Fate/grand order game whereas the original one is base on Fate stay night.
há 1 horaLujeiLujei
Stunning Picture!Love it ♡
há 1 horamikki-malumikki-malu
SmallFish (há 2 horas) #30899843Hello guys! Does anyone knows where i can find this and thats not out of stock, and to ship to serbia?

Keep an eye on Mandarake if they ship to your country.
há 1 horaTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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