há 1 horaAzaizerAzaizer
If she is FULL cast-off in that pose like this other Binding figure item #549574 , I am SO SOLD ON IT! HOT!
há 2 horasreversedollreversedoll
i got her today and she's perfect! she's easily the best gecco figure out of the four other geccos i own. the detail is top notch. she was kind of hard to get on her base and she looks a little lopsided to me, but i think that's because her dress is pushing against the rocks. but even so im so happy with her!
há 2 horasTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board microsoft01! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
há 2 horaswhitewinterdustwhitewinterdust
Ako rin naman! Pero kung tungkol sa anime, d'yan talaga ako at-home..hahaha!

Naku, sikat na sikat pa rin ang hip-hop at rap dito, kahit matagal nang wala si Francis M! 'Yung kapatid ko lang, mahilig rin sa rap.
Ang nangunguna sa ganyang genre ngayon ay sina Gloc-9 at 'yung ibang dating nag-f-fliptop na naging artists na rin.
há 2 horasangelbottangelbott
KalasRaven (há 5 horas) #28810741Life does happen to a lot of people, and it is a valid excuse. My dog was sick and she had a lot of vet bills so I had to cancel pre-orders since the release date didn't get pushed back. You'd better believe I gave up quite a few to pay for my dog. There are things that happen that are unexpected, appliances break, people get sick, you have to travel to help a family member, the list can go on.
People commenting that there's a delay for a piece of plastic really shouldn't make you upset... who cares if people have bad money management, if that is indeed why they want the delay. It's not your money or your wish for the delay. Just because they comment about it doesn't mean it will happen or effects your life. :/ Just ignore the comment and enjoy the figure once you get it, delay or not???

Exactly..life happens. Why worry for people ask for hope delay..it nothing wrong with this.. I agree with you.
há 2 horasagcpicturesagcpictures
Thanks again for Saber Motored Cuirassier!
há 2 horasagcpicturesagcpictures
ricechild (há 22 horas) #28785266Hello! I was wondering if the Rin Hoshizora figma came with the GSC bonus face plate?
Sorry, all the items in this list are standard release. Thanks for your interest!
há 2 horasSpikeCuervoSpikeCuervo
User (há 3 horas) #28813591Alguien tiene la posta de como comprar y que llegue a tu casa? Se que hay que usar un courier privado y pagar mas, pero esta bien si puedo evitar el viaje a retiro. Como se hace?

En teoría si pesa menos 2kg y vale menos de USD$200 debería llegar puerta a puerta, el tema es que Aduana se reserva también la facultad de citarte a vos discrecionalmente a que lo vayas a buscar... así que salvo courier, no hay certezas.
há 2 horasWhiteXillia00WhiteXillia00
Aahahahaa! I love this!

And the 'behind the scenes' too XD
Those cabbages must be pretty crisp.
há 2 horasSolarstormflareSolarstormflare
I really want him and I found him for 1000 yen, but cheapest shipping is 3300 yen r.i.p
há 2 horasSolarstormflareSolarstormflare
Don't suppose anyone wants to sell just the box and blister pack? I'd be interested!
há 2 horasCloudy_CatCloudy_Cat
Some one on Twitter mentioned that the wording of OR's announcement makes it sound as if Victor/Yuuri/Makkachin are one figure all together. If that's true and they can keep the price close-ish to 10,000 or so I'm absolutely sold.
há 2 horasnoctisitynoctisity
heroizumi (3 dias atrás) #28710951Yes I have!!! I like it a lot!! <3 <3 <3 Oh my lovely Yamato. XD
Ohman, took me a moment to realize there’s no reply option for comments anymore? Anyway lol…

I remember seeing Yamato and thought, “heroizumi would be so happy to watch this!” I was surprised to see Trigger appear in both episodes. I thought it was really great that the company decided to let the fans watch the first two episodes early. But then I compared it to the other music/idol-focused anime that are airing this season (e.g. Dynamic Chord, Idolmaster Side M, TsukiPro) and thought, damn, I7’s quality is so much higher LOL. (I mean Tsukipro is great and Idolmaster Side M doesn’t seem too bad from what I’ve seen, but i7 actually has a focused plot and the 3D animation they used for the concert isn’t too wonky. I guess since they’re already used it before for their MVs.)
há 2 horasDardDrakDardDrak
Estava vendo aqui em mais detalhes os 4,650 mil objetos citados abaixo, e, dentre eles, 113 estão no momento com o evento "Retenção para Comprovação de Valores", sendo que:

49 são R, todos de Cingapura;
40 são EMS, no qual a maioria é da China, mas também há outros vindos de Cingapura, França, Japão e EUA;
21 são L, todos da China;
E 3 são C, todos do Japão.
há 2 horasbyakkoshikibyakkoshiki
On the product page of ikea, the glass doors are clouded. Is that an additional part that you didn't add??
há 2 horas (há 1 hora)RedHapaRedHapa
Man the color, shading, and sculpt from Grandista looks better than MSP.
há 2 horasJenthehenJenthehen Otaku at Law
I can't be the only one who finds it pretty obnoxious that NOW TOM is selling him WITH TOM Points when he was a "project" before.
há 2 horasYokikanaYokikana
Is anyone interested in taking Daichi's flag part from a split only in US*?

Please PM ASAP if interested!
há 3 horas (há 3 horas)xivelxxivelx

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