há 3 horasLizeLize
sophieB (há 16 horas) #30897820honestly I think this is one of the best prize figures, she looks really good!

Yep, she truly is a steal.
há 3 horasSomnophoreSomnophore
Does her faceplate generally work with other Nendoroids, or is it a case-by-case thing? Since the shape seems to be somewhat unusual..
há 3 horasaurybqaurybq
Is anyone selling for a decent price? If so msg me please!

If selling any of the others I'm interested! I'm looking for all three!!!
há 3 horasTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board sophieval04! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
há 3 horas2hu2hu
should be obvious
há 3 horasTsukitamashiTsukitamashi
Practically the symbol of the dark souls series.

I just got mine today, and I am satisfied 11/10. The paint job is perfect. I usually don’t spend over $200+ USD for a figure but I am completely happy with my purchase.

The single must have figure for all dark souls fans.
há 3 horasLehstLehst
Hey! I got just one thing to say to you! :o

View spoilerHide spoiler+/\/\***/\/\+

Happy Birthday!


xD I hope it's a good one!
há 3 horasThemyThemy
há 3 horasNimokoNimoko
Still need Peach and Lily! If someone selling pm me!!
há 3 horasTsumikiriaTsumikiria
After seeing her naked I can only say she is excellently sculpted. Bravo to Daiki Kougyou.

Also her skin color is much fairer than all my other figures and I really like her pink hue. Though except her ribbon got pink hues too.
há 3 horasNimokoNimoko
Still searching but I think impossible to find :(
há 3 horasNimokoNimoko
Searching for her if anyone selling pm me!

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