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há 2 horasSmallFishSmallFish
Hello guys! Does anyone knows where i can find this and thats not out of stock, and to ship to serbia?
há 2 horasazaziel666azaziel666
Can you point our where those seamlines are? I cant really see it.

minami_desu (1 dia atrás) #30898416Uhm..quality of prototype looks bad. Those seamlines, more like holes, strange shading, I can even see where eye decals are attached. If a proto looks this bad, how horrible will be a final product?
há 2 horasTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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há 2 horasazaziel666azaziel666
Contrary to most people here, I actually quite like this figure. The pose is really quite sexy. The colors are nice. I don't see much of a seam line problem here actually. Pack laying down on Emilia's delicious thighs is actually a nice touch.

HOWEVER, the manufacturer is the infamously shoddy PULCHRA. So, I will never buy it.
há 2 horasChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Howdy! :D

Mistarooni (há 2 horas) #30899834HELLOOOOO (^o^)/
há 2 horasChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
There are the purest star children. <3

Mistarooni (há 8 horas) #30899650star kids =u=
há 2 horasJosineJosine
xmoonyin (há 6 horas) #30899728yeah those highlights make a big difference in the hair.
the eyes, idkkk I can't tell the difference all that much.
but this is awesome.

I made the eyes more golden instead of the brownish teint Koto choose.

And thank you :D
há 2 horasChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Howdy doo there, new friend! :D
há 2 horasGuy9394Guy9394
know your odds. couldnt solve this in the past 10 years
há 2 horashughjazz44hughjazz44
Tsumikiria (há 13 horas) #30899433Just got email from AmiAmi suggesting she's delayed till Feburary. But considering WonFes happens on Feb 18th, I won't be surprised to see her actually released in early March.

Sounds about right. But hopefully you're wrong and we see her in February. I hate figure delays.
há 2 horas (há 2 horas)Jason_WanderJason_Wander
I'm sure it will,
But Akeno and Rias together from amiami was only 8000 yen for EMS thru amiami and I don't see them charging as much for her, maybe the revolve version.Plus I'm not a fan of paying for something that won't be out for another year.
Also I didn't think GSC even had a non JP store?

Edit:Found their site and in total looks like it'd be around 21000 yen for her there after shipping.CrazyBilkes (há 2 horas) #30899822Her box is probably going to be huge, so shipping from Amiami is likely to be high. The great thing about GSC is they charge 2K for EMS shipping regardless of size or weight, so I’d recommend that.
TOM also has a pretty decent deal going right now. They’re offering a $20 Points coupon for all Fate Series items, and this one also includes a good amount of points on its own. If you’re a premium member, there’s also a discount.’s also a promo going right now that gets you bonus points for spending $250+
há 2 horas (há 2 horas)ipwnboyzipwnboyz
feuilgarde (há 5 horas) #30899738In case anyone else has been looking for this (it was sold out for many months and you couldn't really find it anywhere), it seems to be available on again!
I wasn't planning on getting it because it was sold out and overpriced everywhere but managed to grab it from when I saw it was back in stock. It's apparently very similar to item #500554 but with bigger prints and maybe more arts since it doesn't have the interview section, and has 226 pages instead of 160. Regardless, I love the game and just had to grab both available artbooks. *v*
há 2 horaserza1erza1
So excited for this year winter wonderfest 2018 and can not wait to see all the new ecchi and ero that could be displayed this year and worried how I can get the milestone neko daughter the native exclusive hoping someone would mind ordering two and I would pay them
há 2 horasRajkeRajke Ca fanatic
Seranis (há 7 horas) #30899700Thank you for your comment. I just realized that you described and reviewed the figure better in your few words then me at the entire blog entry :D im impressed!
Sorry about that, i went somewhat overboard with my thoughts. Guess i am a little bit excited about Calne Ca figures and i am more critical about those figures. For me Calne Ca is a really inspiring character and i have a lot of respect towards Deino. I hope that i once get the chance to meet him in person.
há 2 horasjpetiteplanetjpetiteplanet
chonchon (há 2 horas) #30899818You should do Syaoran POV too

Ok! Noted that lol

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