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1 dia atrásBah-RooBah-Roo
Oh, that's handy! I didn't know about that club, but now I do; thanks :D

ugendo (2 dias atrás) #28749970You can use (mfc link) for future questions like this one
1 dia atrásCandyClownCandyClown
I have one for sale if anyone is interested. $250 free shipping!
1 dia atrásKatsuKatsu
Yeah, I think I have to lower my expectation down a bit cause both Madoka and upcoming Homura are one of the biggest and heaviest figure Stronger have ever made, beside Devil Homura that actually bent her support pegs due to her weight.
I really want my Madoka to arrive in Christmas but delay it for a month for 2 but have steady and fully support base would be a plus
Hentai_Son (1 dia atrás) #28755638With the way delays have been going this year I wouldn't be shocked if they pushed it honestly, but its such a large figure I wouldn't want them to rush it...
1 dia atrásJenthehenJenthehen Otaku at Law
darkfader (2 dias atrás) #28752913I haven't watched the series yet, and it's probably smaller than expected, but looks too cute to let it pass. Just placed order on N-Y for 6780. I wonder why I didn't order earlier.

Definitely watch the series!
1 dia atrásIridescentFallIridescentFall いいよ~
I've just accepted delays as super normal in my 8+ years of collecting figures. It's just how it goes, and if I'm already waiting for a prototype, painted figure, preorders, and then the final product, what's an extra month or two? As long as I get a good product in the end.
The longest I waited was for a year for Suzuha item #117949, and even with that, I wasn't upset because she turned out great!
1 dia atrásHentai_SonHentai_Son
With the way delays have been going this year I wouldn't be shocked if they pushed it honestly, but its such a large figure I wouldn't want them to rush it... Katsu (12 dias atrás) #28294873Thank you!
1 dia atrásHentai_SonHentai_Son
With GoodSmile coming out about all the delays and the fact that they have pushed so much back by several months I doubt this will go out on time. I hope it gets pushed if it means they will keep the quality especially because of the price I would be so grumpy if they rushed it..
1 dia atrástinee-figurestinee-figures
I find it annoying when a figure gets pushed back, but at the same time I'm fine with it. The new Stars Bless You Sakura got pushed back, but I'm glad she did, she looks gorgeous thanks to the push back. I'm upset however about 2016 racing miku, I never received an email about her push back but I saw on here she was yet again delayed, into 2018, no less
1 dia atrás (1 dia atrás)AnimeFantasyAnimeFantasy
Shes really good, though the shirt + towel combo is a bit eh and are easily removed to show some skin <3. With the Umbrella shes very tall and I'm glad they put the stand in, it took me a second to notice it. She can hold the umbrella on her own but I'd worry about that causing some disfiguration of her arm.

Very good swimsuit figure~ So glad I have her in Fate GO as well/
1 dia atrássinkasissinkasis
SengokuGensui (2 dias atrás) #28754084A general Native question, but someone here must know:
How can I order Native figures, without the use of NY?
I tried asking in a blog - got deleted. I tried the forums - no response.
I need either a store, a proxy, or if someone here bought directly from Native Japan and used forwarding, that's the best option. Unfortunately, Native Global doesn't ship to my country. Any tips and hints?
Thank you! ^^

There's a lot of proxies, for example I am using Tenso to buy goods from Japan
1 dia atrásSirusdarkSirusdark
Is this 2 customized IKEA DETOLF put together?? I've never seen a double size version before. Also, where did you get those light systems?? MOAR info please!
1 dia atrásDwDDwD
Givaldi (2 dias atrás) #28752964Yes, what do you think about the quality of the painting?
[ext link ]

Hard to tell from 1 photo but it doesn't look super good. Will see when it arrives or someone posts a video review.
1 dia atrásfonjikunfonjikun
Nicely done!
1 dia atrássarahbearsarahbear
Looking to buy the demon arm. Please PM

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