há 3 horasoldmanquitoldmanquit
I honestly think they're waiting for Season 3 to drop then they'll do a rerelease announcement along with another character. This is just me making an assumption with how Attack on Titan nendoroids got rereleased.
há 3 horas (há 3 horas)LolimaiLolimai
[ext link ]

More Detail Shots of this Kit:
[ext link ]

Can't seem to figure out how to edit entries, but figured I share the sculptors twiiter x3

He might also be coming out with a new Rei figure as well.
há 3 horasTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board teakims! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at the official MFC club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
há 3 horasInsanityNipponInsanityNippon
Looking to buy her and Satsuki for under $100 for both shipped
há 3 horas (há 3 horas)CantisamaCantisama
Huge fan of Natsume. With anime seasons continuing to come out, I hope we get more figures (and another Alter item #198656 run).
há 3 horasDeathbatDeathbat
Deus das encomendas que te escute nicerr (há 4 horas) #30904354quero acreditar que depois da reportagem da globo, os correios decidiram agilizar pra minimizar a feiura.
DardDrak conseguiria confirmar?
há 3 horassojasoja
willy156 (há 6 horas) #30904272How much is shipping? I'm guessing around 5k?

according to other comments from earlier it was 10k Yen
há 3 horasangelbottangelbott
Very cute collection and room..where this so small shelf from? :o I like white wood shelves. :)
há 3 horassojasoja
Sztike (há 15 horas) #3090404449 % off
[ext link ]

ahh missed it!! I would have bought her again. *weep*
há 3 horasKassyamoKassyamo Princess Cookie
PatchworkToxin (há 4 horas) #30904356They do delay. I have item #595572 who was meant to originally come out in October 2017 but was delayed and released in December 2017. oh well thank you so much for letting me know, i guess they are as good as any other maker so why not delay too lol
há 3 horasMaakieMaakie
This figure turned out so pretty!
há 3 horasEchizen-MomokoEchizen-Momoko Echizen Ryoma's Wifey
I didn't really tried 1Yen offers so far since my wanted items are rarely 1 yen XD
But I bought already very cheap listed Cds etc from them and never was disappointed.
One thing you should just take care of is the condition: Used - Good
I already got goods with "Used - scratches" but couldn't find any scratches XD
Japanese people take very good care on their collectibles. I never received anything broken or damaged even the price was VERY cheap, a too good to be true but worth it.
like a limited Blu-ray - 556yen and perfect condition even item condition was stated to be used - ok.

So go ahead and give it a try, also the shipping usualy is writen down under the price
há 3 horasJingobeanJingobean
Smey (4 dias atrás) #30901037I don't really understand neither :/
And it seems they deleted South America licence too...
Well fuck (´△`)
So, is there another website that sells these EXQ figures?

Kiat (5 dias atrás) #30899929Why the flying frick does this have a region lock?! Europeans never get prize figures!!

I'm sorry you guys always get left out with these prize figures! D: When AmiAmi puts them up for PO they're region restricted,but after their release they almost always get some in their preowned section (unopened),and they don't have the restricted notice up on the preowned ones.So I'm guessing you'd be able to order one when they pop up there? Like if you look at this Fujiko Q Posket Prize Figure it has the notice for North America only,but the same figure in their preowned section doesn't,and I've noticed it other times too.

Definitely not as convenient as POing,but I thought I'd mention it (。•́︿•̀。) ❤
há 3 horasFriendlySamuraiFriendlySamurai
Avolion (há 8 horas) #30904231Aaaand, now the problem is...will she sell well?
Which is why they focus on more popular characters now, right?

That is supposed to be the purpose of their polls- only vote “yes” if you are committed to buy. Whether everybody does or not no telling. I would assume they would bake the percentage already into the 500 cake number. I dont know of too many if any TT polls that have actually grown slowly to the required number like Aika. Most just stop. So it will be interesting to see what happens. 500 atm seems to be the save Aika number they want to see. They are at 420 something now. The chance has always been slim yes, but cant be totally discounted yet.
há 4 horastsubaki24tsubaki24
goliathfasa (há 20 horas) #30903852Wait, I just assumed the photographer is just too lazy to pose her ankles correctly.
That's depressing range of articulation.
I still believe the person in charge of posing was lazy. Mash/Shielder have high heels yet she has a bit of an ankle rock picture #1626983. So it is possible.
há 4 horascyclopsbullycyclopsbully
anyone know what figure this is? (mfc link)[]=uploadedBy%3Acyclopsbully
há 4 horasOse_93Ose_93
Man, the amount of posing options seem so minimal with this one.

Thankfully I don't switch poses out often and I do like how the final product turned out.
há 4 horasSorayaSoraya
chapters0 (4 dias atrás) #30901268To be honest the sh figuarts line is not really on par with figma. It is overpriced and overall not done well. This is reason why I did not get madara. Though I would get sakura, but it will most likely stop there.

Yeah true, they would've been a lot better if they were made by figma but I guess it's better than nothing xp I only have Naruto Sage mode SH figuarts ( still pissed about him not having his coat lmao ) but I'll get one more. It'll either be Sakura or Boruto, not sure yet..

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