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Poll ended with 128 votes,

31%[1]Kinomoto Sakura - [3]Seragaki Aoba - [5]Ayase Eli - [7]Jibril, Shiro
20%[1]Kinomoto Sakura - [3]Seragaki Aoba - [5]Ayase Eli - [9]Tamamo no Mae
2%[1]Kinomoto Sakura - [3]Seragaki Aoba - [11]Kousaka Honoka - [7]Jibril, Shiro
0%[1]Kinomoto Sakura - [3]Seragaki Aoba - [11]Kousaka Honoka - [9]Tamamo no Mae
10%[1]Kinomoto Sakura - [13]Momo Belia Deviluke - [5]Ayase Eli - [7]Jibril, Shiro
2%[1]Kinomoto Sakura - [13]Momo Belia Deviluke - [5]Ayase Eli - [9]Tamamo no Mae
3%[1]Kinomoto Sakura - [13]Momo Belia Deviluke - [11]Kousaka Honoka - [7]Jibril, Shiro
1%[1]Kinomoto Sakura - [13]Momo Belia Deviluke - [11]Kousaka Honoka - [9]Tamamo no Mae
4%[15]Megurine Luka - [3]Seragaki Aoba - [5]Ayase Eli - [7]Jibril, Shiro
4%[15]Megurine Luka - [3]Seragaki Aoba - [5]Ayase Eli - [9]Tamamo no Mae
1%[15]Megurine Luka - [3]Seragaki Aoba - [11]Kousaka Honoka - [7]Jibril, Shiro
0%[15]Megurine Luka - [3]Seragaki Aoba - [11]Kousaka Honoka - [9]Tamamo no Mae
13%[15]Megurine Luka - [13]Momo Belia Deviluke - [5]Ayase Eli - [7]Jibril, Shiro
2%[15]Megurine Luka - [13]Momo Belia Deviluke - [5]Ayase Eli - [9]Tamamo no Mae
1%[15]Megurine Luka - [13]Momo Belia Deviluke - [11]Kousaka Honoka - [7]Jibril, Shiro
7%[15]Megurine Luka - [13]Momo Belia Deviluke - [11]Kousaka Honoka - [9]Tamamo no Mae

Even side still up until tomorrow! (mfc link)
há 2 horaspaTKanypaTKany Over 9000
Can't add barcode without release date.
há 2 horaschonchonchonchon
You should do Syaoran POV too
há 2 horasdillusidillusi
Basically there are a lot of ways to include in a review:

- item characteristics (HxWxD),
- price/ availability on purchase
- review paint, size, articulations (if any)
- photo (size comparison to other figures, comments/ poses of the item) not necessarily to be HD because there are youtube reviews or DSLR photos, so you can include some critical ones
- verdict (your own rating and explain if possible)
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babygerber (há 10 horas) #30899569That's common since they have to wait for their shipment to arrive to the warehouse first

I know, but it should say May 2019 lol
há 3 horasHanatsinHanatsin
Nice pic, such an awesome figure too :)
há 3 horas (há 2 horas)JumppaJumppa
27,000 yen and fave fig is item #363044, and I think you will be getting 3 ems boxes. If its 1 box, as I dont really know how these orders work it can be almost 3 times that price. On the other hand Ive never ordered from AmiAmi so Idk! I really want to know answer to this btw, because if its more than my guess I would never be buying from AmiAmi lol.
há 3 horas (há 3 horas)ViRGEViRGE

I know there are plenty of other, outright explicit figures out there. But a damn 1/4 sized bunny girl bent over and with full cast off attire feels like it's as close as you can get to that line without going over.

Something this dirty isn't my normal interest. And I'd never be able to have it out in the open of my sewing room. But wow. That really resonates with the rebellious side of me.
há 3 horasFinalFanFinalFan
Not available yet on amazon japan [ext link ]
há 3 horasThe_ANSThe_ANS
Long time no see on MFC.
Really miss your works.
há 3 horasrolvtdrolvtd
TheTravelingSee (há 6 horas) #30899719This is awesome. Do they seriously sell this stuff at the Target you leave near? :D

They sell the actual building. The rest is picked up from the usual places (Cons, eBay, hlj.com, etc).
há 3 horasjpetiteplanetjpetiteplanet
ComeAlive (há 3 horas) #30899804Their friendship is so precious!♡

Yesss XD I adore that a lot!
há 3 horasnekofleurnekofleur
Bon anniversaire ! ^^ <3
há 3 horasComeAliveComeAlive
Their friendship is so precious!♡
há 3 horasStarFruitStarFruit
I already went through my impulse-buying phase, and I can tell you that I learned how to control myself more now as I suffered the aftermath...The fact that selling items back out for me is really DIFFICULT, makes me think twice before committing! x'D
há 3 horasptitange23ptitange23
TheTravelingSee (há 3 horas) #30899798Merci beaucoup! Vous êtes trop gentil! :)
Suis une fille ! ;) Et de rien !! ^_^ C'est vrai !! :D

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