há 3 horasrolvtdrolvtd
TheTravelingSee (há 6 horas) #30899719This is awesome. Do they seriously sell this stuff at the Target you leave near? :D

They sell the actual building. The rest is picked up from the usual places (Cons, eBay, hlj.com, etc).
há 3 horasjpetiteplanetjpetiteplanet
ComeAlive (há 3 horas) #30899804Their friendship is so precious!♡

Yesss XD I adore that a lot!
há 3 horasnekofleurnekofleur
Bon anniversaire ! ^^ <3
há 3 horasComeAliveComeAlive
Their friendship is so precious!♡
há 3 horasStarFruitStarFruit
I already went through my impulse-buying phase, and I can tell you that I learned how to control myself more now as I suffered the aftermath...The fact that selling items back out for me is really DIFFICULT, makes me think twice before committing! x'D
há 3 horasptitange23ptitange23
TheTravelingSee (há 3 horas) #30899798Merci beaucoup! Vous êtes trop gentil! :)
Suis une fille ! ;) Et de rien !! ^_^ C'est vrai !! :D
há 3 horasTheTravelingSeeTheTravelingSee
ptitange23 (há 3 horas) #30899792Trop mimi !! J'adore !!! *_*

Merci beaucoup! Vous êtes trop gentil! :)
há 3 horasptitange23ptitange23
Wooow ! I love !! :D
há 3 horasptitange23ptitange23
Ah ah !! Good pic, it's just like that between Izuku and Katsuki !!! X)
há 3 horasptitange23ptitange23
Roooh good pic !!! :D *_*
há 3 horasptitange23ptitange23
She's cute !! :D
há 3 horasptitange23ptitange23
Trop mimi !! J'adore !!! *_*
há 3 horasptitange23ptitange23
Good pic !! :D
há 3 horasPucchiPucchi
autumnskies (há 22 horas) #30899081If anything, a Jibril Figma would look beautiful
há 3 horasMistarooniMistarooni
trevman256 (5 meses atrás) #24544272Serena is best pokemon girl
Serena, Hilda, and Rosa are nice gals <3
há 4 horasMedon28Medon28
shilka (há 5 horas) #30899740Alter does not have a Jeanne d'Arc figure they havea Jeanne d'Arc Alter figure and the two characters are not the same as unlike Saber and Saber Alter both of them exist at the same time but are not the same character
So yes you have both options as they are two different characters

money says no both options XD

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