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chapters0 (4 dias atrás) #30901268To be honest the sh figuarts line is not really on par with figma. It is overpriced and overall not done well. This is reason why I did not get madara. Though I would get sakura, but it will most likely stop there.

Yeah true, they would've been a lot better if they were made by figma but I guess it's better than nothing xp I only have Naruto Sage mode SH figuarts ( still pissed about him not having his coat lmao ) but I'll get one more. It'll either be Sakura or Boruto, not sure yet..
há 4 horasMelodyElodieMelodyElodie
solluxcaptor (há 4 horas) #30904335I don't know the series but this is a really lovely, cheerful figure!

Natsume's Book of Friends is a really good series! I highly recommended you check it out at some point ^-^
há 4 horasPatchworkToxinPatchworkToxin Dat Yandere
Kassyamo (14 dias atrás) #30892457Does anyone know if dragon toy push back their figure release dates too like skytube, native or should I expect her on time? :)

They do delay. I have item #595572 who was meant to originally come out in October 2017 but was delayed and released in December 2017.
há 4 horas4catdoorman4catdoorman
Took 12 days from China to US. Presently leaving USPS NYC Distribution Center today, 01.23.18. Might see it by 2.1.18. -_^
há 4 horasnicerrnicerr
quero acreditar que depois da reportagem da globo, os correios decidiram agilizar pra minimizar a feiura.

DardDrak conseguiria confirmar?
há 4 horasGandalfGandalf
morderkaih (há 15 horas) #30904052UPDATE:I got her replacement in january first week. Now i am thinking in a better solution for the support pylon lol.

What the, I thought it was just a little short for some, not a post-it pad worth of height short!

I'm really conflicted about her, so many potential issues and I think the price has dropped about as far as it'll go.
há 4 horasMarihMarih
nicerr (há 4 horas) #30904345Sim;
foi postado dia 05/12 e encaminhado do JP dia 07/12;
desde então, foi recebido nos correios dia 21/01 e hoje está indo pro abate.

Ai, espero que os meus tbm apareçam logo...
Agora lembrando um pouco desse abate..espero que se for pra tributar, que tributem direto.
Um parcel da Nippon é algo que me faz suar frio D:
há 4 horasTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board darthwen! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at the official MFC club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
há 4 horasTunpaTunpa
I don't know how to react to this, so here's a gif.
há 4 horasGandalfGandalf
kaezule (há 6 horas) #30904274sadly enough if you look at the couch you can see a little indent and shading where her elbow is, implying the other two probably also have couch-dents to be displayed in. rest in peace dreams of shoving them reasonably closer together...

They all have dents I'm afraid, it's something I noticed when Utaha first popped up. The solution I think would be to make Eriri's couch section a little smaller, so they are closer together and Utaha/Eriri would overlap a little more. Megumi's a bit of a pain though, she has a lot of extra couch on her section that I guess is to account for Eriri's hair and bra.
há 4 horasnicerrnicerr

foi postado dia 05/12 e encaminhado do JP dia 07/12;

desde então, foi recebido nos correios dia 21/01 e hoje está indo pro abate.
há 4 horas (há 4 horas)StacycmcStacycmc
This is awesome!!! How did you get this shot...?? Excellent job!
há 4 horasMaakieMaakie
Hiina (2 dias atrás) #30902532Hoi! Denk van niet, want ik ga tegenwoordig niet meer zoveel naar conventies. De laatste keer was Tomocon 2016. :') Maar ik lees dat jij wel veel op conventies te vinden bent en ik ben wel geïnteresseerd in wat je doet! Misschien een n00b-vraag maar is dat nou lastig zo'n lecture geven?

Hi! Ah, ik geef al heel lang lezingen, maar dan heb ik je sowieso niet recentelijk ontmoet, als ik je ooit ontmoet heb. xD

Hrmmm, ligt er aan. Het is een combi van kennis hebben over een bepaald onderwerp + je persoonlijkheid. Zelf ben ik een makkelijke prater en heb ik ook geen podiumvrees of vrees om voor een grote groep te staan, wat anderen soms wel weer hebben. En verder: Hoe beter je je onderwerp kent en hoe beter je je voorbereid op je lezing, hoe soepeler het loopt. :)
há 4 horasStacycmcStacycmc
Love your Dark Souls awesome! Your birdies are cutie too, do they talk?
há 4 horasRui-chanRui-chan
Boldog szülinapot kívánok! ^_^
há 4 horasMarihMarih
nicerr (há 4 horas) #30904338isso
Esse foi o que estava demorando pra dar entrada no Brasil?
há 4 horasStacycmcStacycmc
chachamarurin (há 6 horas) #30904281Oh that’s beautiful! Congratulations for the POTD! <3

Thank you lady!!! :D You know I love me some Kakashi!!! LOL!
há 4 horasnicerrnicerr
DardDrak (há 4 horas) #30904331Parcel?


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