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há 53 segundosHappyBottyBunnyHappyBottyBunny
For those interested she is on sale @CDJapan for ¥7,670 NEW (only 3 left)
[ext link ]
há 8 minutosdustbowldustbowl
he looks amazing painted, especially the face looks fantastic. I dont like the pose though.
há 11 minutosgingimatzgingimatz
cookie_on_fire (2 meses atrás) #26250158I just know that we'll be getting this 2016 version in 2018.
I KNEW it.

oh mighty cookie_on_fire, will you tell us if there will be another delay?
há 15 minutosAnimeGurumaAnimeGuruma
For those who PO'd at HLJ, they say that they will receive it on or around December 1st.
há 16 minutosugendougendo ( ´-ω・)︻┻┳══━一
SouL (há 19 minutos) #28956793Can you tell me what artbook or book that is? any link?
Check the related items item #43834
há 17 minutos (há 16 minutos)TheKillerAngelTheKillerAngel Vigilo Confido
Did some editing to bring out a better range of values.

há 19 minutosSouLSouL
Can you tell me what artbook or book that is? any link?
há 22 minutos (há 21 minutos)reaver121reaver121
ugendo (3 dias atrás) #28825169That's weird. It was available when I linked it. I imagine they'll put it back up

I mailed Nippon-Yasan a couple of days ago about why the limited edition isn't available and they answered : 'This item will be available after its release date.'. Seems that maybe they don't know how much (if any) they will get and don't accept preorders for it.

As I didn't want to risk waiting for it, I used a proxy buying service to preorder it from Kotobukiya JP. For the interested, with that service the total will probably be 16760 JPY. Considering that Nippon-Yasan lists the price for the limited edition as 14500 JPY without shipping it's more or less the same.
há 22 minutosSouLSouL
Do you have a link to the top right and bottom right books?
há 29 minutosSouLSouL
Was this ever released? If this was scale it would be godlike
há 40 minutoszoromezorome
Ya ya. Updated
há 43 minutosGemsy-chanGemsy-chan
Got invoice from BIJ to pay an extra 1660yen for SAL shipping. That makes SAL shipping to UK with BIJ is 3850yen.

Can’t wait to get those cuties.
há 47 minutosImuyaImuya
ponnie (há 5 horas) #28950307Yay, she turned out lovely, very neat and pretty much like PVC~~
Gaianotes works miracles in good hands.
Beautiful figure, looking forward to your new kits in the future!
As for decals, I found out that Mr. Mark Setter and in case of really thick ones over curved surfaces, Mark Softer is great help. Also you can adjust position with those toothpicks that have a bit of cotton on the tip. You move the decal, then wipe excess liquid aaaaand it sets :3
Also there a real cheat with fixing masking mishaps if you paint with laquers. You can mask and paint over glossy surface with Tamiya enamel paints (both for brush and airbrush). Even if you screw up, you can wipe excess with enamel thinner (smells like gasoline). It doesn't affect the lower layer of lacquer - not for a bit and this way you can fix anything without repaint. This also helps paint the eyes a lot, over gloss you can fix lines with just a toothpick or just wipe and start again. Saves a lot of energy. The main backdrop with enamels is slow curing time, they really take around a day to cure fully but they cure rock solid.

Oooo okay I'll have to bear that in mind! Thank you so much, seriously you've helped so much in learning how to do this.
Lacquers don't brush well at all even thinned, tried to correct some of the lines by brush painting the off-white over as I would with other paints and....yeah it's definitely designed for an aitbrush haha.
há 49 minutosImuyaImuya
emosuccubus (há 5 horas) #28950773super cute! i love what you did with the base

Thanks you :D
há 50 minutosASH-HikariASH-Hikari
I've been out of the loop with anime for so long, I have no clue who she is, but cuuuuuuuuuuuute. Want.
há 56 minutosXorKoSXorKoS
Wow, i regret not staying up in the middle of the night to see the deals.
há 1 horazoromezorome
Josine (há 10 horas) #28936927I just typed the character in Japanese + RAH220 in google until I found a Medicom site :P though I had to dig a little deeper for the Shocker Rider one since there are multiple versions

Aha, japanese characters, that's the trick.

Thanks a bunch for the improvement of the entries. I would find more info for my other entry as well (put it in draft already)

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